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1. A formal agreement; a compact.
2. An agreement between the pope and a sovereign government concerning the legal status of the Roman Catholic Church within that government's territory.

[French, from Medieval Latin concordātum, from neuter past participle of Latin concordāre, to agree; see concordant.]


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a pact or treaty, esp one between the Vatican and another state concerning the interests of religion in that state
[C17: via French, from Medieval Latin concordātum, from Latin: something agreed, from concordāre to be of one mind; see concord]


(kɒnˈkɔr dæt)

1. an agreement or compact, esp. an official one.
2. an agreement between the pope and a secular government regarding the regulation of church matters.
[1610–20; < French; < Medieval Latin concordātum, Latin: neuter of concordātus, past participle of concordāre to be in agreement. See concord]
con•cor′da•to`ry (-dəˌtɔr i, -ˌtoʊr i) adj.
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Noun1.concordat - a signed written agreement between two or more parties (nations) to perform some action
written agreement - a legal document summarizing the agreement between parties


[kɒnˈkɔːdæt] Nconcordato m


nKonkordat nt
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During the Revolution, the Concordat occasioned an unimportant schism, a little segregation of ultra-catholics who refused to recognize the Bishops appointed by the authorities with the consent of the Pope.
tornado, toad, rood, rondo, Fever; 2 Officer; Parole The road, radon, door, donor, doctor, dart, darn, cordon, cord, concord, coda, Quiz: card, adorn, accord, CONCORDAT languages.
In addition, the Crisis Care Concordat has been introduced to try to get different agencies - including parts of the NHS, the police and local authorities - to better work together.
Cleveland Police is working with partner agencies under the banner of the Crisis Care Concordat to share best practice and ensure that those with mental illness have access to the services that they need.
Agree the UK level Fisheries concordat which governs the allocation of quota in key fish stocks.
Series editor Max Seckler and his assistant Winifred Werner here include six distinct theological texts and two collections of texts, one a set of documents from the history of the launching of the premier journal Theologische Quartalschrift, and the second miscellaneous parts of the Bavarian Concordat with the Holy See.
The crisis care concordat commits the organisations to work together to intervene early and, if possible, to reduce the likelihood of people posing a risk to themselves or others.
The concordat brings together NHS services, West Yorkshire Police and ambulance services.
Personally, I between a lot of P I hope Mr Cameron or Mr Miliband will soldier on, presiding over a minority government - if short of a majority, in preference to another concordat - with the emphasis on the "con".
Health organisations, police forces, councils and mental health support groups have promised to work together under the Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat to provide people in crisis with the urgent care they need.
In Spain, the Vatican has direct involvement with employment decisions at Catholic schools, as stipulated in the concordat signed with the Holy See.
e Roman Catholic Church, the target for Eddie's venom, was, in hindsight, naive to agree to a concordat between the Nazis and the Vatican and in believing Hitler's pledged that the Roman Catholic Church would be allowed to ".