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It is impossible to use acronyms as nouns in Ndebele without prefixes, because Ndebele uses concordial agreements that obtain from prefixes.
These derived nouns all employ their prefix as the concordial agreement as in:
In this perspective, Allan (1977: 286) was the first to explicitly connect four hitherto disparate noun classifier types: (i) numeral classifiers, (ii) concordial (e.
In a semantic system, nouns are classified according to their concordial behavior in a way that the denotata of nouns grouped together belong to the same semantic category.
Pat Eddery wins the first two races as Concordial (Roger Charlton) takes the Acomb and Edbaysaan (Henry Cecil) the Melrose Handicap.
Roger Charlton's Concordial (P Eddery) flys home over the 7f of the July Course ,but just over 8 lengths away is Henry Cecil's King's Theatre (W Ryan).
20), Papalote ($18), Concordial ($29) and Hesabull ($18.
Possessive pronouns form part of possessive structures in which a head noun is qualified by a complement consisting of a possessive concord (which is in concordial agreement with the head noun) and a possessive pronoun:
Brief outline of the noun class system and concordial agreement in Northern Sotho
Like all Bantu languages, it is characterized by a nominal class system and concordial agreement.
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