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1. Biology The growing together of related parts, tissues, or cells.
2. The amassing of physical particles.

[Latin concrēscentia, from concrēscēns, concrēscent-, present participle of concrēscere, to grow together; see concrete.]

con·cres′cent adj.


(Biology) biology a growing together of initially separate parts or organs
[C17: from Latin concrēscentia, from concrēscere to grow together, from crēscere to grow; see crescent]
conˈcrescent adj


(kɒnˈkrɛs əns, kən-)

a growing together, as of tissue or embryonic parts; coalescence.
[1600–10; < Latin concrēscentia=concrēscent-, s. of concrēscēns, present participle of concrēscere to harden, set (see concrete) + -ia -ia]
con•cres′cent, adj.
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I myself do not see us as so bereft; we may be moving there, so that one day, through a concrescence of losses, we will have arrived without knowing it.
In mounting this last argument Kline was on very well-prepared ground: one of his most widely hailed contributions to process philosophy was his treatment of "Form, Concrescence and Concretum" in Explorations in Whitehead's Philosophy, edited by Lewis S.
McStay uses Whitehead's ideas of concrescence to talk about the creative process.
In order to free the interactants from the hindrances of cultural preconceptions to activate the process of concrescence in the boundary line, the interactants must foster the ability of "boundary wisdom" to achieve the great empathy that requires sensitivity and creativity as the two eyes of intercultural adaptation (Chen, 2009c).
Based on such disparate taxonomic elements, its circumscription became very confusing, based as it was solely on the presence of petal appendages and basal petal concrescence.
Concrescence on the other hand is an acquired disorder in which the roots of one or more crowns are united by cementum alone after formation of the crowns [Soames and Southam, 2005].
The Principle of Relativity states that the "potentiality for being an element in a real concrescence of many entities into one actuality is the one general metaphysical character attaching to all entities" (Epperson, 2004: 111).
As might be expected of such an introductory work, parts of the discussion may leave the reader asking for further elaboration and clarification, particularly with regard to such notoriously difficult metaphysical topics as creativity, prehension, concrescence, intensity (understood as non-conscious feeling or enjoyment of experience), and other technical notions.
126) There is no single catalyst for the concrescence of any identity, but for the abna' the army bearing down on them and the siege of Baghdad were the main impetus for mapping a new one.
Angiotensin Protocols represents a concrescence of two types of book into a single volume.
True concrescence occurs when this union is during tooth development and may result from a lack of space or dislocation of tooth germs.