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1. Biology The growing together of related parts, tissues, or cells.
2. The amassing of physical particles.

[Latin concrēscentia, from concrēscēns, concrēscent-, present participle of concrēscere, to grow together; see concrete.]

con·cres′cent adj.


(Biology) biology a growing together of initially separate parts or organs
[C17: from Latin concrēscentia, from concrēscere to grow together, from crēscere to grow; see crescent]
conˈcrescent adj


(kɒnˈkrɛs əns, kən-)

a growing together, as of tissue or embryonic parts; coalescence.
[1600–10; < Latin concrēscentia=concrēscent-, s. of concrēscēns, present participle of concrēscere to harden, set (see concrete) + -ia -ia]
con•cres′cent, adj.
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There was a total reduction in the number of gastric foveae, and tendency of the mucosa to preserve and maintain cytoarchitecture accompanied by the formation of deepened, tortuous and concrescent (two-chambered) foveae.
49) Further to this and axiomatic for my own assumptions is the fact that human history consists of a concrescent (50) process wherein "everything is positively somewhere in actuality, and in potency everywhere," (51) as Whitehead wrote concerning his ontological principle.
In the former, there is simply no spot at all but dark fluxes; in the later, the spot is embodied in the contemporary duration defining the concrescent experience.