Footing beam

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the tie beam of a roof.
- Wright.

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The custom 8” diameter concrete bollards (BOC8R) were installed in a concrete footing for maximum impact resistance.
We poured a concrete footing as a level foundation for the low wall.
Roy, aged 49, said all that was needed was a concrete footing to stop the monuments moving, after he and his brother Dennis, 53, successfully used the method to erect the headstone on their father Phillip Pargetter's grave at Canley Cemetery in 1987.
When erecting the fence, set the first post in a concrete footing and stretch a string line to a temporary post at the end of the fence run.
The telescope pier is a 13-foot section of 6-inch well pipe, sunk into a 4-by-4-by-5-foot concrete footing.
Its 16-inch on-center construction is ramset into concrete footing.
If the post isn't rotting, the concrete footing it's on is almost certainly sinking or has deteriorated.
Shulman cut away the damaged floor and stripped the old lath and plaster off the walls, Next, he poured a concrete footing, added new floor framing, and installed a plywood subfloor.
All of the wood frame constructions are on concrete footing foundations and finished with a neutral-tone, cement-composition siding exterior and asphalt-composition shingle roofs.
A long concrete footing was poured for the vertical supports of the veranda.
Tenders are invited for construction of a public artwork includes augured concrete footing materials & installation cost per footing, limestone bench materials & installation cost per lineal foot, plant materials & installation cost per plant, light fixture & installation per fixture.
Along the street, the fence's concrete footing acts as a retaining wall; 4-by-4 fence posts attach with metal straps.