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a. The act or process of concreting into a mass; coalescence.
b. The state of having been concreted: a concretion of seminal ideas in her treatise.
2. A solid hard mass.
3. Geology A rounded mass of mineral matter found in sedimentary rock.
4. Medicine A solid mass, usually composed of inorganic material, formed in a cavity or tissue of the body; a calculus.

con·cre′tion·ar′y (-shə-nĕr′ē) adj.
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Both the Shublik and Brookian source rocks include rocks such as limestone, chert, fine-grained sandstone, siltstone concretionary carbonate, and silicified tuff, which are brittle and often contain natural fractures, according to the USGS.
The Khewra Sandstone consists of purplish-brown, thick-bedded sandstone with coarse clay bands and concretionary layers in the upper part.
And we need new concretionary financing windows and tools to be available to us so we are not penalized for the development we reach and we are not penalized for doing a moral and right thing - these are the values that we subscribed to in Jordan to keep our borders open and to help our Arab brethren running for safety and stability in our country.
Towards the top of the shale is a horizon of spherical to ovoid concretionary nodules that reach a maximum thickness of 3 cm.
Approximately 20 concretionary masses assumed to be fossil crocodylian feces are found in association.