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 (kŏn-krē′tĭz′əm, kŏng-)
1. An artistic movement emphasizing the concrete reality of shape and color independent of representation or symbolism.
2. The practice of writing concrete poetry.

con·cret′ist n.


a person who represents abstract concepts in concrete terms
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Marjorie Perloff confirmara posteriormente esta percepcion: "The limbo Goldsmith refers to was quite real: in the 1980s and '90s, the going view, especially in Anglo-America, where concrete poetry had never really caught on, was that the 1950s experiment in material poetics was ideologically suspect--too 'pretty,' too empty of 'meaningful' content, too much like advertising copy" (50), pero tambien agrega: "Such concretist texts--texts in which lettristic or morphemic form is inextricable from meaning--anticipate contemporary digital poetics, where letter, font, size, spacing, and color are used to generate complex verbovisual configurations" (13).
These factors highlight the strong influence of concretist hermeneutics in the debates that have been made in the Supreme Federal Court.
Flint explores the promises and limits of mereological versions of concretism (dealing with the relations between wholes and parts) and, like the other authors represented in this volume, proposes a modest thesis: Flint's aims are "explicating the problems associated with mereological models, suggesting senses in which those models should (and shouldn't) be embraced, examining what alternatives to mereological models might be available to the concretist, and highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of those alternatives.
These reader-dialogue works thus operate with modernist, concretist and documentary poetics.
so much so that the concretist asks his 'reader' to stand on his head if necessary to read it' (kyk ook die uitsprake van Kostelanetz aangehaal in Van der Elst (1992:230-231) en (Boshoff aangehaal in Marais & Kleyn 2007).
Starting from an analysis of the self-legitimating discourse of Brazilian Concretist poetry as, paradoxically, both the historically specific manifestation and teleology of a literary poetics for the industrial age of mass communications, Franchetti pits the possibilities of contemporary digital technology to expose the contradictions created by tying the Modernist content to the built-in obsolescence of a technological industrial modernity.
The trend in colored concrete as a floor installation, be it residential or commercial, is becoming one of an extended color palette, with richer, earthier tones replacing the pastel grays," said Cathy Richardson, an art associate for The Concretist, Benicia, CA, whose clients include organic food chain Whole Foods.
Under the influence of distinct sources, such as the poetry of the Beat generation, the Oriental haikai form, and the productions of the mass media as well as the concretist movement and Brazilian popular music, this new generation virtually abandoned the concept of mineiridade (with its regional, rural identity), preferring to focus on urban life, colloquial language, and the machinery of the modern world.
Analogique B (1958-59) marks a departure from the concretist approach of pieces like Concret PH and Bohor (this latter, however, was composed later, in 1962).