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 (kən-kûr′əns, -kŭr′-) also con·cur·ren·cy (-ən-sē)
n. pl. con·cur·renc·es also con·cur·renc·ies
1. Agreement in opinion.
2. Cooperation, as of agents, circumstances, or events.
3. Simultaneous occurrence; coincidence.
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Noun1.concurrency - agreement of results or opinions
agreement - the verbal act of agreeing
2.concurrency - acting together, as agents or circumstances or events
cooperation - joint operation or action; "their cooperation with us was essential for the success of our mission"
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Among the topics are from dualistic autonomous concurrency to marbleized permissive concurrency in American federalism, concurrent powers in Italy: the new state-centered approach and prospects for reform, concurrency powers in the European Union and their impact on the powers of member states, fiscal federation and the concurrency of taxing powers in Argentina: a historical perspective, and the concurrency of power in deeply divided countries: the case of Yemen's draft constitution of 2015.
NASDAQ: EXTR) was selected by Concurrency to support BYOD and improve network security and performance among its three locations, the company said.
Seven Concurrency Models in Seven Weeks: When Threads Unravel is for expert programmers who want to understand the issues with traditional threads and locks development, and want to exploit a computer's GPU parallelism to produce better-quality code.
This modification is to realign and increase concurrency funding for post-production concurrency changes to LRIP Lot VI aircraft.
In a statement to the media, Ennahdha Movement politburo president Ameur Larayedh said that Friday's session will discuss the concurrency or not of the presidential and legislative elections, voicing wish that "an agreement will be reached to help the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) set a date for these elections, in compliance with the Constitution's provisions.
Indeed, concurrency causes problems for many of those involved with construction claims, not only contract administrators (e.
Python in practice; create better programs using concurrency, libraries, and patterns.
Python in Practice: Create Better Programs Using Concurrency, Libraries, and Patterns" by Python computer language expert Mark Summerfield is a 336 page instruction manual that emphasizes design patters for coding elegance, faster processing through concurrency and compiled Python; high-level networking, and graphics.
The objective of this analysis was to determine the manner in which HIV prevalence varies according to SA's 11 major self-defined language groups, and to examine the ecological association of four risk factors (prevalence of concurrency, multiple partners in the preceding year, circumcision, and condom utilisation) with HIV prevalence in these groups.
In the past two decades, "We have been for or against concurrency four or five times, and for or against fixed-price contracting four or five times," he said.
This study, a population-based cohort study, used data from an ongoing demographic surveillance site in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, on estimated prevalence of partnership concurrency (range 4-76.
This article explores the relationship between concurrency and cost growth in large weapon programs.