concurrent resolution

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concurrent resolution

A resolution adopted by both houses of a bicameral legislature that does not have the force of law and does not require the signature of the chief executive.

concur′rent resolu′tion

a resolution adopted by both branches of a legislature but not having the effect of law.
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The congressional defense was translated into House Concurrent Resolution 31, a non-binding measure that praised Moore and insisted: "The public display, including display in government offices and courthouses, of the Ten Commandments should be permitted.
House Concurrent Resolution 399 recognizes both the outstanding accomplishments of those responsible for the winning wines and also the many successes of the California wine industry in the thirty years since this event.
Earlier, the House of Representatives adopted Concurrent Resolution No.
At the Lower Chamber, leaders said they are dead-set on approving the concurrent resolution calling on the House and Senate to convene as a Constituent Assembly to draft the Philippine Federal Constitution this month and transmitting it to the Senate for its concurrence next month.
Poe, who earlier brought to the Senate floor a resolution urging the President to nominate Santiago for the award, has filed Senate Concurrent Resolution No.
Meanwhile, in the Senate, members voted 51 to 48 to begin debate on Senate Concurrent Resolution 3.
The House Concurrent Resolution in the US House of Representatives has been co-sponsored by Representatives Louie Gohmert and Steve King.
However, the media have largely ignored the fact that the same resolution--Senate Concurrent Resolution 2--calls for greater regional and international involvement in Iraq.
Annually, in accordance with Senate Concurrent Resolution No.
Runner's Assembly Concurrent Resolution 135 will be heard this week in the Senate Transportation Committee.
House Concurrent Resolution 31 expressed the sense of Congress that "the Ten Commandments are a declaration of fundamental principles that are the cornerstones of a fair and just society" and insisted that "public display, including display in government offices and courthouses, of the Ten Commandments should be permitted.
State Senator Rosalyn Baker and Representative Marilyn Lee introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution 69 and House Concurrent Resolution 36 in response to the growing bed bug population, incidents reported in the media, and the negative impact infestations have on the hospitality and tourism industries-- two significant forces in Hawaii's economy.

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