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1. A violent jarring; a shock: The concussion from the explosion broke windows three blocks away.
2. An injury to an organ, especially the brain, produced by a violent blow and followed by a temporary or prolonged loss of function.

[Middle English concussioun, bruise, contusion, from Latin concussiō, concussiōn-, concussion, from concussus, past participle of concutere, to strike together; see concuss.]

con·cus′sive (-kŭs′ĭv) adj.
con·cus′sive·ly adv.
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Ahead of today's opening one-day international clash with Pakistan, Morgan revealed he suffered from headaches and dizziness with the sport more sensitive than ever to the dangers of concussive trauma after the death of Aussie Test batsman Phil Hughes last year.
21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Triax Technologies, Inc and IBM announced today that Triax has joined the IBM Watson Ecosystem, enabling the development of new cognitive applications that Triax will create to help improve player health and safety related to concussive and sub-concussive impacts in sports.
Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) isn't only caused by concussive episodes but also sub-concussive blows, as was seen with former England and West Bromwich Albion striker Jeff Astle.
The Dragons said Smith had "suffered a series of concussive events" and has retired on medical grounds.
Wales full-back Leigh Halfpenny, Ireland fly-half Johnny Sexton and England internationals Mike Brown and Geoff Parling have also experienced concussive episodes this term, with the combined effect continuing to keep a piercing spotlight on concussion in rugby.
It's still not exactly concussive in its acceleration, getting to 62mph in 12.
It refers to the ''pathological and debilitating effects of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) caused by concussive and sub-concussive impacts.
The adverse effects of concussive traumatic brain injury are similar whether the injury was sustained in a blast-related incident such as a bomb or improvised explosive device detonation or a non-blast incident such as a fall or car crash, according to a study.
Marino, who is the face of the Miami Dolphins franchise from 1983 to 1999, alleged in the short-form complaint that Marino "sustained repetitive, traumatic sub-concussive and/or concussive head impacts during NFL games and/or practices.
Until recently it had been thought to only affect boxers who suffered repeated concussive injuries through blows to the head, Dr Stewart said.
Until recently, it had been thought to only affect boxers who suffered repeated concussive injuries through blows to the head, Dr Stewart said.
But you don't need a concussive trauma to get changes in the microstructure of your brain.