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 (kŏn′dən-sāt′, -dĕn-, kən-dĕn′sāt′)
1. The liquid resulting from condensation of a gas, such as a product of distillation or another method of separation.
2. The part of a natural gas mixture that consists of volatile hydrocarbons and can be easily condensed.

[From condensate, condensed, from Latin condēnsātus, past participle of condēnsāre, to condense; see condense.]


(General Physics) a substance formed by condensation, such as a liquid from a vapour


(kənˈdɛn seɪt, ˈkɒn dənˌseɪt)

a product of condensation, as a liquid reduced from a gas or vapor.
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Noun1.condensate - a product of condensation
fresh water, freshwater - water that is not salty
2.condensate - atmospheric moisture that has condensed because of cold
atmospheric phenomenon - a physical phenomenon associated with the atmosphere
sweat - condensation of moisture on a cold surface; "the cold glasses were streaked with sweat"
dew - water that has condensed on a cool surface overnight from water vapor in the air; "in the morning the grass was wet with dew"
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5 mb/d of crude oil and gas condensate before the imposed sanctions in 2012, of which 18 percent was supplied to the EU.
This has involved piping 25,000 t/y of condensate from Khauzak to the North Urtabulak rail-loading terminal, loading the liquid into tank trucks, carrying them to the Mubarek gas processing plant, and trans-shipping the resulting liquid into rail tank cars bound for the refinery.
Another type of condensate is that associated with the processing of raw natural gas.
This additional moisture is then also processed out to become condensate from the dryers and filters, but this condensate also contains droplets from the compressor oil, which together cause a toxic cocktail.
We have received strong interest from current customers and positive feedback from prospective customers regarding our new condensate pipeline project," said Mark Hurley, BKEP's CEO.
Iran's condensate exports hit the highest in September after its top client China resumed buying of the ultra-light crude for the first time in six months, Reuters wrote.
Assets company EnLink Midstream Partners (NYSE:ENLK) and EnLink Midstream (NYSE"ENLC) on Friday extended the binding open season period to solicit volume commitments for interstate common carrier transportation service on a new condensate pipeline system (the ORV Condensate Pipeline) to 15 April 2015 at 17:00 Central Time.
This can produce 1m t/y of condensates and 500,000 t/y of LPG.
With a new condensate refinery planned by end-2016, Qatar is expected to solidify its position as having one of the largest condensate refining capacities in the world.
But there has never been any US ban on Iranian condensate sales.
The International Energy Agency's monthly reports indicates that Iran's crude oil and gas condensate exports together were 1.
During testing, a total of 18 mn scf/d of gas plus an additional 1,550 barrels of condensate (Gross 4500 boe/d) flowed from the Ranikot formation.