condensed matter physics

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con·densed matter physics

The scientific study of the properties of matter, as in its solid and liquid phases, in which atoms or particles adhere to each other or are highly concentrated.
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Recently, We promoted a new design principle for such materials: Topological band-theory known from quantum condensed matter physics.
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Before joining the University of Oxford in 2010 as professor of theoretical condensed matter physics, he held academic positions at IASBS and the University of Sheffield.
Christensen wrote on LinkedIn: "I am a PhD candidate in experimental condensed matter physics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
She completed a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics at the University of the Philippines (UP) in Diliman in 2005, taking up major courses in instrumentation and condensed matter physics.
Their discoveries, using advanced mathematics, had boosted research in condensed matter physics and raised hopes for uses in new generations of electronics and superconductors or future quantum computers, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said.
However, Lorentz symmetry does not apply in condensed matter because typical electron velocities in solids are very small compared to the speed of light, making condensed matter physics an inherently low-energy theory.
The subject of talks covers an extensive variety of themes in theoretical and numerical material science including conformal field theory, gravitation, and cosmology, superstring theory, the phenomenology of high-energy physics, condensed matter physics and plasma physics.
The subject of talks will cover a wide range of topics in theoretical and mathematical physics including conformal field theory, gravitation and cosmology, superstring theory, phenomenology of high energy physics, condensed matter physics and plasma physics.
It will be used for everything from condensed matter physics to pharmacy, from biological systems through to communications systems.
student Lior Embon, along with their colleagues in the lab of Eli Zeldov of the Condensed Matter Physics Department, have risen to the challenge thanks to a unique setup: they took a hollow quartz tube and pulled it into a very sharp point, then succeeded in fabricating a SQUID encircling the tip measuring a mere 46 nanometers in diameter--the smallest SQUID to date.
The new theory from the University of Waterloo, Harvard and Perimeter Institute explains the transition phase to superconductivity, or "pseudogap" phase, which is one of the last obstacles to developing the next generation of superconductors and one of the major unsolved problems of theoretical condensed matter physics.