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Noun1.condenser microphone - microphone consisting of a capacitor with one plate fixed and the other forming the diaphragm moved by sound waves
microphone, mike - device for converting sound waves into electrical energy
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The output by the condenser microphone is of the order of millivolts [7,8].
Former Chief Rabbi of Israel: The operating principle of the condenser microphone means that our speech does not create new voltage or electric current.
The sound source was a 6 mm diameter condenser microphone cartridge (Bruel & Kjaer (2) 4135) mounted in a flange and placed in one of the ports.
Microphone array contains 15 omnidirectional condenser microphone units MCE100 soldered on the printed circuit board with dimensions of 200 x 200 mm.
Citizen Electronics, a major component supplier in Japan, has developed a new SMT condenser microphone for high temperature reflow lines.
I tested the DS-2200 side-by-side with my DM-1, conducting several interviews using the higher-quality WMA setting and the t-shaped stereo condenser microphone snapped onto the top of the unit.
The Microphone--The electret condenser microphone is the most commonly used microphone in surveillance equipment.
The MEMS transducer is a condenser microphone with a flexible poly-Si membrane and a rigid reference electrode designed and manufactured by EPCOS.
The instrument was recorded dry using a single condenser microphone in a close mic position and through an analogue mixer in order to retain a warmer, more natural sound.
It offers the performance of the AK5354 while integrating a low-noise preamplifier (+40 dB to 60 dB) and a condenser microphone power supply.
These devices integrate a pre-amplifier, Low Drop-Out Regulator (LDO) and Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) that converts Electret Condenser Microphone (ECM) outputs to digital pulse density modulation (PDM) data streams.