conditional response

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Noun1.conditional response - an acquired response that is under the control of (conditional on the occurrence of) a stimulusconditional response - an acquired response that is under the control of (conditional on the occurrence of) a stimulus
learned reaction, learned response - a reaction that has been acquired by learning
conditioned avoidance, conditioned avoidance response - a conditioned response that anticipates the occurrence of an aversive stimulus
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The Arab foreign ministers will meet within days to review Syria's conditional response to signing the protocol to send observers into the country," Nabeel Al Araby told Kuwaiti daily Al Anba yesterday.
Gates offered a conditional response when he was asked whether the war justified its cost: "I think that it really requires a historian's perspective in terms of what happens here in the long run.
The conditional response rate in year two is defined as respondents divided by eligibles, where eligibles are restricted to initial round respondents who are alive on January 1 of year two.
Additional FastLink features and functions include: -- Advanced Addressing Capabilities -- Flexible Question Design -- Photo Capture in Responses -- Conditional Response Capability -- Duplicate Survey/Question Re-use -- Client Branding -- Real-time Analysis
Thoughtful application of the conditional response features in Steton Quality Suite create an intelligent system.
The user can create simple linear or complex non-linear links between screens and develop conditional response links with point-and-click ease.
In addition, they document several stylized facts about the conditional responses of forecast errors and disagreement among agents that can be used to differentiate between some of the models of informational rigidities recently proposed.

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