conditioned reflex

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Noun1.conditioned reflex - an acquired response that is under the control of (conditional on the occurrence of) a stimulusconditioned reflex - an acquired response that is under the control of (conditional on the occurrence of) a stimulus
learned reaction, learned response - a reaction that has been acquired by learning
conditioned avoidance, conditioned avoidance response - a conditioned response that anticipates the occurrence of an aversive stimulus
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It is pointless to call a security consultation among confreres, with those who, by habit or conditioned reflex, think and talk like the President.
In the case of Breuer, the power of transference as it is displayed in psychotherapy, and in the case of Twitmyer, the conditioned reflex phenomenon in behavioral research.
The psychological paradigm here is "the objective, stimulus-response psychology of behaviourism, conditioned reflex in particular, which Watson had adapted from Pavlov as an explanation of the organism's capacity to learn from experience and thereby become better adapted to its environment" (57).
While I was training for the duck search in the utility test, I followed your suggestions pretty closely and made sure I understood how Pavlov's experiment of conditioned reflex worked and how this applied to Blitz.
Therefore, psychic life begins at the same time as the conditioned reflex activity, which is intimately related to the instinctive activity.
ynce also underlined that education should the given in schools from kindergarten to university to create a conditioned reflex in individuals to environmental issues.
We failed to notice this positive aspect in our moment of anger, which was in fact the result of a conditioned reflex associated with our past experiences of officials ambushing any cultural event with a mere stroke of the pen.
The principal problem in healing enuresis with suggestions in hypnosis is to establish a conditioned reflex of awakening to the stimulation of the bladder sphincter when the bladder is full of urine.
In his laboratory experiments with dogs he discovered what is generally called the conditioned reflex (or conditional reflex).

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