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He was in the habit of condoning her cruelty by the thought of her stupidity.
Kasatsky belonged to those men of the eighteen-forties (they are now no longer to be found) who while deliberately and without any conscientious scruples condoning impurity in themselves, required ideal and angelic purity in their women, regarded all unmarried women of their circle as possessed of such purity, and treated them accordingly.
That was evidently the crime of crimes, the one offence there was no condoning nor overlooking.
In a statement to TAP, Director-General of CREDIF Sonia Ben Jemia emphasised the need to revise educational methods in the Tunisian society and to put in place strategies to cope with the phenomenon of legitimising and condoning violence against women.
I'm not condoning those who urinate in public - it is filthy and disgusting practice, but the law should be applied equally to all.
Since the release of the video, James has said she was not condoning violence.
TEHRAN (FNA)- If the terrorists in Syria obtain portable surface-to-air missiles Russia will view it as direct means of condoning terrorism and will bring the matter before the UN Security Council, a Russian deputy foreign minister said on Saturday.
Second District Councilor Ranulfo Ludovica said that condoning errant customers will allow them to re-subscribe to the utility provider upon payment of their unpaid bills making their electric connection legal.
We're not condoning any kind of actions like that at all," said Shaun Hall, Mr Duggan's brother.
Greenpeace said the file notings by Ramesh show that there was a probable legal violation but argued in favour of condoning it on the grounds that "the port itself is nearing completion".
Many a true word said in jest would suggest that I or indeed the ECHO are condoning cruelty.
I am not condoning the Chinese action in Tibet against what must be orchestrated demonstrations, pictured, as the situation has been in existence for many years.