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right knee joint


 (kŏn′dīl′, -dl)
A rounded prominence at the end of a bone, most often for articulation with another bone.

[Latin condylus, knuckle, from Greek kondulos.]

con′dy·lar (-də-lər) adj.
con′dy·loid′ (-dl-oid′) adj.
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Adj.1.condylar - of or relating to or resembling a condyle
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Hypodivergent showed an increased vertical condylar growth and diminished vertical growth of alveolar process and/or anterior facial sutures.
Biomechanical forces produced by postural movement of the mandible and/or orthopedic-orthodontic treatments may induce an adaptive response from the condylar cartilage (Shen & Darendeliler, 2005; Cholasueksa, Warita & Soma, 2004; Fuentes et al.
Type B fractures are condylar fractures; type B1 is a sagittal split of the lateral condyle, type B2 is a sagittal split of the medial condyle and type B3 is a coronal plane fracture.
All patients were evaluated for anatomical knee variants on plain radiographs, including lateral joint space distance, height of the lateral tibial spine, height of the fibular head, obliquity of the lateral tibial plateau, squaring of the lateral femoral condyle, cupping of the lateral tibial plateau, lateral femoral condylar notch, and condylar cutoff sign.
The reconstruction plate was contoured and the condylar segment from the resected specimen was sectioned and fixed as a free graft.
The slope (flatness or steepness) of the posterior wall of the articular eminence and its inclination determine the condylar path, which leads the mandible in its movements(7,11).
2] The traditional operative treatment are plating techniques that need compression of the implant to the femoral shaft (blade plate, Dynamic Condylar Screw, and nonlocking condylar buttress plate), antegrade nailing fixation, retrograde nailing, submuscular-locked internal fixation, and external fixation.
Arthritis in the bilateral condylar head secondary to a sickle cell crisis was diagnosed after the analysis of the laboratory tests and images.
A total of 130 patients with supra condylar fracture were received during study period.
Cone Beam Computed Tomography in the Diagnosis of Unilateral Condylar Hypoplasia: Report of a Case.