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Adj.1.conelike - relating to or resembling a cone; "conical mountains"; "conelike fruit"
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But, above all, I discovered around me--it was near the end of June--on the ends of the topmost branches only, a few minute and delicate red conelike blossoms, the fertile flower of the white pine looking heavenward.
Thus, the acinus cannot be identified on a normal gross specimen but would require a 3-dimensional process to visualize the conelike arrangement of 3 generations of respiratory bronchioles with their branches of alveolar ducts, alveolar saccules, and alveoli.
The truncated conelike structure of [alpha]-cyclodextrin was first described in 1942.
The female flowers are in leafy conelike catkins called strobiles.
Buckets of hop vines sat below long picnic tables topped with shallow boxes, awaiting people to pick the green, conelike flowers.
It has been reported a value of n = 5 for polystyrene, what suggests a three-dimensional conelike spherulitic growth [33].
3] (see [7]) and applied it to the study of maximal surfaces with conelike singularities.
3] (see [8]) and applied it to the study of maximal surfaces with conelike singularities.
When they reduced the amount of Pias3 in developing mouse eyes, they found that the cells that might otherwise have been rod cells instead developed into conelike cells.
5 g) and sex was determined externally by the presence of genital papilla which are conelike projections of the genital aperture of the males and are absent in females.
Making the correct identification is "a problem that can't be solved by merely looking at the shape of the trees' leaves or conelike flowers," says Gaskin.