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 (kən-fĕd′ər-əl, -fĕd′rəl)
1. Of or relating to confederation or a specific confederation.
2. Of, relating to, or involving the activities of two or more nations: "Can federal or confederal solutions be negotiated to limit ethnic strife?" (Lincoln P. Bloomfield).

con·fed′er·al·ist n.
con·fed′er·al·ly adv.


(kənˈfɛd ər əl, -ˈfɛd rəl)

of or pertaining to a confederation.
con•fed′er•al•ist, n.
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Les initiateurs de la pseudo-conference organisee avec ''l'appui du groupe confederal de la Gauche unitaire europeenne/Gauche verte nordique (GUE/NGL) avaient pourtant annonce la participation de 22 organisations syndicales qui viendraient de pas moins de sept pays (Belgique, Argentine, France, Italie, Portugal, Suede, Espagne), ainsi que de la Confederation syndicale internationale (CSI).
The delegates will elect a new steering committee of 41 members who will then elect the 11-member Confederal Executive Board.
The President of the House of Representatives, Mr Demetris Syllouris, concluded yesterday his second day of contacts with EU officials, in Brussels, with separate meetings with the President of the European Parliament, Mr Antonio Tajani, the European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, Mr Christos Stylianides, the Chairman of the EPP Group, Mr Manfred Weber, the Chair of the Confederal Group of the European United LeftNordic Green Left, Ms Gabriele Zimmer, and the Co-Chairman of the GreensEuropean Free Alliance, Mr Philippe Lamberts.
Como los socialistas, otros grupos tambien realizaron consultas internas y decidieron que Mexico debia ser incluido entre los paises con urgencias en derechos humanos para la sesion plenaria de junio: los Verdes/Alianza Libre Europea (con 51 curules) y el Grupo Confederal de la Izquierda Unitaria Europea/Izquierda Verde Nordica (con 52).
Iraq and Syria need to be reimagined as looser, better governed, more inclusive confederal states that give minorities room to breathe.
A similar sense of "nationalism" lay behind the Biafran war, when the Igbo and other minorities in the Eastern part of Nigeria, argued initially at the Aburi peace talks for an acceptance of the basic Nigerian state order, but also a looser confederal system, to return more competence and control to the federating units.
Peirats became a prominent journalist and editor in the confederal press during the Second Republic and the Civil War.
However, as a concerned South Sudanese citizen, I am now convinced that the best solution to end the current conflict and ensure lasting peace in South Sudan is to introduce a Confederal System of Government in south Sudan.
Two constituent states constitutes a confederal solution".
Country case studies report on local governments as well as quasi-federal, federal, and confederal state examples.
Marie-Christine Vergiat, for the Confederal Group of the European United Left, said: "I've just come back from Turkey and what I heard over there is something that I cannot understand.
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