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v. con·ferred, con·fer·ring, con·fers
1. To bestow (an honor, for example): conferred a medal on the hero.
2. To invest with (a characteristic, for example): a carefully worded statement that conferred an aura of credibility.
To meet in order to deliberate together or compare views; consult: conferred with her attorney.

[Latin cōnferre : com-, com- + ferre, to bring; see bher- in Indo-European roots.]

con·fer′ment, con·fer′ral n.
con·fer′ra·ble adj.
con·fer′rer n.
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Noun1.conferral - the act of conferring an honor or presenting a giftconferral - the act of conferring an honor or presenting a gift
giving, gift - the act of giving


The act of conferring, as of an honor:
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Nevertheless, many examples in human and veterinary medicine indicate that the outcome of virus infection, development of carrier status, and shedding of virus are influenced by age and reproductive status, including stage of gestation at which infection occurs and the conferral to and duration of maternal immunity in progeny (15).
According to Holy Cross the criteria for conferral are "a scholarly record of national and/or international prominence; a teaching record that meets the highest standards of excellence; and a service record that has significantly advanced the mission of the college.
Determine if the franchise company's business platform may be advantaged by the revised rule's conferral of authority to negotiate franchise agreement terms adverse to the franchisee.
The change of name was made to accompany conferral of a presidential charter to offer postgraduate degrees.
Sometimes bandit leaders negotiated particularly advantageous conditions from the government, such as conferral of military rank upon themselves, a closing of the book in regard to their past actions, and control of their forces free from direct administrative control.
Without once uttering the words of his album's title (which sprung from a neighbor's comment overheard by his wife), Keith speaks crystal-clear, un-PC volumes about the conferral of privilege and the iconography of a continually in-flux experience of contextual whiteness placed in combat with conspicuously non-white cultures.
It added: "The regular conferral of knighthoods on MPs is sometimes viewed, cynically, as a mere tool of political party management.
Michael Redding, Professor of Biology at Tennessee Technological University (TTU) in Cookeville, was recently recognized for his long and dedicated service to the Tennessee Academy of Science (TAS) through conferral of the Academy's Distinguished Service Award.
The conferral of 'major non-NATO ally' status later in the same year allows it to stage military manoeuvres in the 'war against terrorism'.
What Black's Early Escapades suggests, reflected in the mirror of Marrs's full biography of Welty--especially in the tightly wound (and finally frustrated) relationships with John Robinson and Kenneth Miller and in the almost manic later years of dinners and visits and ceremonies for the conferral of honorary degrees and medals--is the life of a person who demanded a club or group or class or table of friends for the sowing of her wit and conversation and as a field for her hungry observation, superimposed on the life of an artist who worked (in sketches, in photography, most famously in prose fiction) in the near-perfect stillness of a private vision.
Both approaches will have the same disastrous results: experience in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and The Netherlands indicates that the conferral of marital benefits on same-sex couples inevitably undermines marriage to such an extent that most children are soon born out of wedlock and grow up in breakdown-prone, common-law unions.
Catholic social teaching makes no sense unless you realize that at its core is a conviction of the intrinsic sacred dignity of the human person--that all people, regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, or any human characteristic, are sons and daughters of God and have a dignity that is not a human conferral.