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being then ignorant of these usages) was for hurrying on board in a breathless state, immediately; but receiving private and confidential information that the boat would certainly not start until Friday, April the First, we made ourselves very comfortable in the mean while, and went on board at noon that day.
This means that for confidential information managed in a cloud service, for instance, it would be necessary to transmit the biometric data through the network, raising issues of security of the network.
Confidential information should be encrypted when stored or transmitted.
The employee shared confidential information she gained because of her position at the police department, the report states.
With the increasing number of external business partners, devices, collaborative methods as well as a growing number external threats, there is significant pressure on law firms and corporations to closely control confidential information whether at rest or in motion," said Galina Datskovsky, Ph.
K has been charged in the Court of First Instance with collecting bribes, intentionally damaging public funds, not preserving the interest of a public entity, illegal profiteering and divulging of confidential information, M.
That was until her former bosses sought to stop her in her tracks, as they thought confidential information could be at stake.
420, which governs protecting confidential information when it is filed with the court, including in electronic filing.
BR), has rejected a proposal to share confidential information with the Turkish unit of HSBC Holdings Plc (LSE: HSBA).
BEIRUT: Retired officers and civilian employees who served in the General Directorates of Internal Security and General Security are banned from disclosing confidential information to the media, according to a circular issued by Interior Minister Marwan Charbel Thursday.
Employees should be required to sign a confidentiality agreement, preventing them from using or disclosing confidential information and requiring them to return all confidential information and company property before they leave.
Implement appropriate security policies which address use of computers, email, voice mail and the internet; which define physical and electronic access to trade secrets; which cover telecommuting and employee privacy concerns; and which control vendors and third-party access to confidential information.

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