confined aquifer

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con·fined aquifer

An aquifer that is under pressure because layers of impermeable rock, such as claystone, lie above and below it.
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98) A confined aquifer is "[a]n aquifer that contains water
These conditions were Holocene and Upper Pleistocene graveled pore aquifer (HUPGP), Middle Pleistocene graveled confined aquifer (MPGC), Cretaceous clastic rocks pore and fracture aquifer (CCRPF), and metamorphic rocks fracture aquifer (MRF).
1) soft nodular sequence; (2) indurate carapace or trachy-rhyolitic suite; (3) perched aquifer ; (4) interbasaltic red bole mantle ; (5) mottled massive clay ; (6) deep confined aquifer, and; (7) fractured ignimbrite substratum.
Mineralisation also appears to be within a saturated, confined aquifer system that adds to the potential of mining with ISR methods in the future.
Bottled water from a well that taps a confined aquifer in which water stands at some height above the aquifer.
The example in Table 2 is based on a confined aquifer with a 75 ft (23 m) static level, a specific capacity of 3.
A groundwater level of an unconfined aquifer or the piezometric surface of a confined aquifer indicates the elevations of the atmospheric pressure on the aquifer and hydraulic gradient of the area.
After five days he hit a confined aquifer, a "huge piece of chalk that sits right under this building and half the car park".