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 (kōn-fē′, kôn-)
1. Meat, such as duck, that has been salted and then cooked and preserved in its own fat.
2. A condiment made by cooking seasoned fruit or vegetables, usually to a jamlike consistency.

[Middle English confyt, from Old French confit, from Medieval Latin cōnfectum, from past participle of cōnficere, to prepare; see confect.]


(Cookery) cookery a preserve: a confit of duck.
[literally: preserve]


(kənˈfi, kɔ̃-)

duck, goose, or pork that is salted, cooked slowly in fat, and preserved by storing in the fat.
[< French; see comfit]
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Noun1.confit - a piece of meat (especially a duck) cooked slowly in its own fat
cut of meat, cut - a piece of meat that has been cut from an animal carcass


[ˈkɒnfiː] nconfit m
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INGREDIENTES 4 personas *4 confits de pato con su grasa * 8 higos secos * 1 cebolla * 2 patatas * 2 dientes de ajo * 200 mi.
You could use the orange-y syrup for further confits, or in cocktails and dessert sauces.
The company produces a range of condiments--including chocolate, wine and flower confits, as well as spreadable savouries that can be used with meat, fish or pasta--but is targeting the UK with two of its newest ranges--one jam, one fruit confit.
For the confits of carrots and celery, cut both diagonally into 2in chunks.