conflict diamond

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con·flict diamond


conflict diamond

another term for blood diamond
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Civil war in Sierra Leone is over, but the repercussions of the conflict diamond trade remain.
In July 2000, the World Diamond Congress meeting in Antwerp passed a resolution to strengthen the industry's ability to block the trade of conflict diamond, The United Nations ultimately adopted the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme in 2002 to cut off the flow of conflict diamonds, help stabilize "fragile countries" and support their development through other means.
Though this private legal system operates successfully in downstream markets, such as New York's 47th Street, Richman asserts that it remains to be seen whether the Kimberly Process--another of the industry's instruments of self-governance--substantially can reduce the conflict diamond trade.
turned to Zwick, Herskovitz, fellow producer Paula Weinstein and screenwriter Charles Leavitt (``K-Pax''), among others, after the studio wasn't satisfied with an earlier take on the conflict diamond theme that all agreed was too Indiana Jones in its approach.
A conflict diamond, according to the definition now recognised by the UN, other government authorities and the NGOs, is one that is mined or stolen by rebel movements in opposition to the recognised government of a country," De Beers spokesperson, Tracey Peterson, told African Business.
Blood Diamond," directed by Ed Zwick, is set during Sierra Leone's civil war; In addition to Hounsou and DiCaprio, the film features Jennifer Connelly, who is Amnesty International USA's Ambassador for Human Rights Education and has shot Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to help build awareness of the conflict diamond problem.
What some of our customers had to say: "My basic reason for wanting a Canadian diamond was that I did not want what might be a conflict diamond.
Because of these systems, conflict diamonds from Africa have been reduced from 15 percent to roughly 1 percent of the global market.
Edward Zwick's movie purports to be a thriller with a conscience, wearing its politics on its sleeve to highlight the trade in conflict diamonds.

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