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1. A state of open, often prolonged fighting; a battle or war.
2. A state of disagreement or disharmony between persons or ideas; a clash: a conflict over water rights.
3. Psychology An emotional or mental disturbance resulting from the opposition or simultaneous functioning of mutually exclusive impulses, desires, or tendencies.
4. Opposition between characters or forces in a work of drama or fiction, especially when motivating or shaping the action of the plot.
intr.v. (kən-flĭkt′) con·flict·ed, con·flict·ing, con·flicts
1. To be in or come into opposition; differ.
2. Archaic To engage in warfare.

[Middle English, from Latin cōnflīctus, collision, from past participle of cōnflīgere, to strike together : com-, com- + flīgere, to strike.]

con·flic′tion n.
con·flic′tive adj.
con·flic′tu·al (kən-flĭk′cho͞o-əl) adj.
Synonyms: conflict, discord, strife, contention, dissension, clash
These nouns refer to a state of disagreement and disharmony. Conflict has the broadest application: a conflict of interests; a conflict between the demands of work and family.
Discord is a lack of harmony often marked by bickering and antipathy: The summit was marred by discord among the leaders.
Strife usually implies an open struggle, often destructive, between rivals or factions: "Your eye is then drawn to the scene below, down to the valley below, where everywhere are the ravages of famine, the drumbeat of war, a world groaning under strife and deprivation" (Barack Obama).
Contention suggests a dispute in the form of heated debate or quarreling: During the debate, we expect lively contention among the candidates.
Dissension implies difference of opinion that disrupts unity within a group: "Dissension had been brewing between the North and South long before the first shots were fired on Fort Sumter" (Ted Yanak & Pam Cornelison).
Clash involves irreconcilable ideas or interests: a clash between tradition and modernity; a clash of egos.


of, relating to, or involving conflict
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He pointed out that one of the objectives of the course is to help participants build the necessary skills to create an impact through and with the support of others and to leave them better equipped and more confident to deal with potentially conflictual situations.
The gov't should be highlighted at every fora that India cannot be net security provider in the South Asian region given its conflictual relationship with all its neighbours; military escalation in Afghanistan, as desired by the U.
The committee criticized the recent US leaning toward India because the latter "has conflictual relationships with all its neighbors and is pursuing a policy of destabilizing Pakistan from east and west.
For his part, Bghouri, who believes that Tunisian law does not sufficiently protect the freedom of the press, deplored the conflictual nature of the relationship between journalists.
This undergraduate textbook surveys different perspectives on the interactive, transformative, self-reinforcing, and conflictual relationships between sport and business.
Rather, violence and war occur when the conflictual behavioral strategy is judged to be more promising than peaceful competition and cooperation for attaining objects of human desire.
It will support the Government to establish a conflict early warning and response system, and state and non-state actors to increase public space to address conflictual topics, in particular for women and marginalized.
NNA - We aspire for a peaceful non - conflictual municipal election, Public Health minister Wael Abou - Faour, exclaimed before Timor Jumblatt and a number of Socialist Party officials at Sibleen government hospital today.
Not only was this factually inaccurate and a disregard of the Oslo agreement, but a highly insensitive and conflictual comment, made on Palestinian territory.
You won't have those dramatic finishes, those edgy games, those really conflictual games that we have without them, so if they are (priced out), and they are the main ones driving (the atmosphere).
Collective actions in Cordoba (Argentina) during the 80's: between visibility and conflictual expressiveness