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1. Flowing together; blended into one.
2. Merging or running together so as to form a mass, as sores in a rash.
1. One of two or more confluent streams.
2. A tributary.

[Middle English, from Latin cōnfluēns, cōnfluent-, present participle of cōnfluere, to flow together : com-, com- + fluere, to flow; see bhleu- in Indo-European roots.]


(Physical Geography) flowing together or merging
(Physical Geography) a stream that flows into another, usually of approximately equal size
[C17: from Latin confluēns, from confluere to flow together, from fluere to flow]


(ˈkɒn flu ənt)

1. flowing or running together; blending into one: confluent rivers; confluent ideas.
2. characterized by confluent efflorescences: confluent smallpox.
3. a confluent stream.
4. a tributary stream.
[1425–75; (< Middle French) < Latin confluent-, s. of confluēns, present participle of confluere to flow together]
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Noun1.confluent - a branch that flows into the main streamconfluent - a branch that flows into the main stream
branch - a stream or river connected to a larger one
Adj.1.confluent - flowing togetherconfluent - flowing together      
convergent - tending to come together from different directions
References in classic literature ?
A confluent small-pox had in all directions flowed over his face, and left it like the complicated ribbed bed of a torrent, when the rushing waters have been dried up.
But as if this vast local power in the tendinous tail were not enough, the whole bulk of the leviathan is knit over with a warp and woof of muscular fibres and filaments, which passing on either side the loins and running down into the flukes, insensibly blend with them, and largely contribute to their might; so that in the tail the confluent measureless force of the whole whale seems concentrated to a point.
The chin is a still larger drop, the confluent dripping of the face.
Ultrastructural examination at low magnification of newly confluent cells sectioned perpendicular to the growth surface confirmed that the raised areas noted on light microscopy were, in fact, areas of cells arranged in a multilayered formation (Figure 2D).
Bring Me Her Heart is an eclectic and vivid presented collection of harmonic and confluent poetry drawn from the lyrical work of Sarah Getty.
Pure color is used directly from the tube, in static "points" clearly separate but intended to merge in the viewer's eye, producing a confluent image brighter than any achieved with brushstrokes.
Her physical examination was unremarkable except for a pink, blanchable, nontender, confluent, macular rash involving the lower abdomen and the proximal portions of the arms and legs.
The ReadyCells are provided as confluent monolayers in shell vials and stored frozen at -70[deg]C for up to six months, allowing laboratories to keep the cells from a single production lot available while minimizing cell waste.
Surgical, a subsidiary of Tyco's Healthcare segment, entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Confluent Surgical, Inc.
The next day, the erythrodermialike rash became more diffuse and confluent.
We investigated MAP kinase activation in confluent, quiescent cultures of Xenopus (XTC-2) cells as an in vitro model of oxidant- and bacterial-induced cellular stress.
Physical examination revealed indurated plaques on both lower extremities that were confluent over the right thigh, and exquisitely tender to touch.