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A confluence.

[From Latin cōnfluxus, past participle of cōnfluere, to flow together; see confluent.]


 a flowing together, or into each other, as rivers or their tributaries; a confluence.
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Noun1.conflux - a flowing together
blending, blend - the act of blending components together thoroughly


A converging at a common center:
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The house at Fremona has always been much regarded even by those emperors who persecuted us; Sultan Segued annexed nine large manors to it for ever, which did not make us much more wealthy, because of the expensive hospitality which the great conflux of strangers obliged us to.
There was a conflux of emotions and thoughts in him that would not let him either give thorough way to his anger or persevere with simple rigidity of resolve.
Consequently, the socio-political contexts in effect in the region highlight three major components of RWP--nativism, authoritarianism and populism--and how their conflux here constructs a specific post-communist populist rhetoric.
The region for the two groups' conflux is located 24km away from the Southern parts of Albu Kamal at the joint borders between Iraq and Syria.
Pakistan: Pakistan is on the conflux of Central Asia, Middle East and South Asia; a frontline state against terrorism, in both ways water may cause or effect conflict.
Library Life in the Deep South Part I: Flux and Conflux at the Delta," Wilson Library Bulletin 47, (March 1973): 584-97.
One particular conflux gaining recent attention has resulted from two rivers of work that seek to align an institution's mission and resources through community engagement (service-learning) and social innovation (social entrepreneurship).
Working together with IBM, U-M researchers have developed a computing resource named ConFlux to allow high performance computing clusters to communicate directly and at interactive pace with data-intensive operations.
Working with IBM, U-M researchers have designed a computing resource called ConFlux to enable high performance computing clusters to communicate directly and at interactive speeds with data-intensive operations.
The findings would shed light on how to cut expenses of organization by propagating a conflux.
conflux of events that represents clashes, with a new definition of evil, Daesh.
As mentioned earlier, the sixth edition of the dictionary includes around 450 new terms, from accessory building to zone of conflux.