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A confluence.

[From Latin cōnfluxus, past participle of cōnfluere, to flow together; see confluent.]


 a flowing together, or into each other, as rivers or their tributaries; a confluence.
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Noun1.conflux - a flowing together
blending, blend - the act of blending components together thoroughly


A converging at a common center:
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The house at Fremona has always been much regarded even by those emperors who persecuted us; Sultan Segued annexed nine large manors to it for ever, which did not make us much more wealthy, because of the expensive hospitality which the great conflux of strangers obliged us to.
There was a conflux of emotions and thoughts in him that would not let him either give thorough way to his anger or persevere with simple rigidity of resolve.
27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Thomson Reuters today released a multimedia feature entitled, '7 Reasons the World Will be Sustainable,' which examines the conflux of drivers that will enable sustainability globally.
conflux of events that represents clashes, with a new definition of evil, Daesh.
Additionally, there are different criminal gangs operating along the swampy areas of River Indus as it snakes through Dera Ghazi Khan and adjoining regions forming a triangular delta at the conflux of three provincial boundaries.
Tenders are invited for Tadipatri Municipality - Assistance to Municipalities and Corporations - Water Supply Improvement to Arabindo Water Works - Providing Filter Points, errection of pumpsets and generators and laying of HDPE pipeline from the proposed filter points at conflux point of Penna River and Peddavanka at Sajjaladinna to Aurobindo Water Works In Tadipatri Municipality.
In its survey of federal capital witnessed people from all walks of life rejoicing the occasion, thronging into crowded markets, heavily breathing parks, wide opened hotels and eye catching plazas swarmed by arrays of men, women, girls, boys clad in rainbow colored ensembles, a conflux and clash of eastern and western civilization.
BILSTON CRAFT GALLERY, MOUNT PLEASANT, WOLVERHAMPTON: Conflux - Mother and Son, Val and Nevil Brewin explore discarded and found objects, until October 4.
We met and told him that Lucknow is renowned in the world for its 'Ganga Jamuna' culture (a conflux of Hindu Muslim culture) and it should be so maintained and we welcomed him in accordance with the culture of Lucknow.
At a crowded press conference in Paris on Tuesday, Hollande faced the cameras to explain the sudden conflux of his public and personal lives while France's effective First Lady, Valerie Trierweiler, was lying in a hospital suffering from shock at his indiscretions.
Earlier theories postulated parenting styles or trauma as the cause of gender nonconformity, but current research--built upon a conflux of biology, sociology, psychology, gender studies and queer theory--has dispelled these theories.
This conflux of nationalities was intentional, said Zeina Mezher, the national project coordinator for a new ILO campaign to protect the rights of female migrant and domestic workers, PROWD.