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1. Corresponding; similar: plans that are conformable to your wishes.
2. Quick to comply; submissive.
3. Geology Of, relating to, or being rock or sediment strata that were deposited either adjacent to each other or in vertical sequence without interruption by a disruptive or altering process such as erosion or folding.

con·form′a·bil′i·ty n.
con·form′a·bly adv.
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Adv.1.conformably - in a conformable manner
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So far as these observations tend to inculcate a danger of the import duties being extended to an injurious extreme it may be observed, conformably to a remark made in another part of these papers, that the interest of the revenue itself would be a sufficient guard against such an extreme.
The tenure of the ministerial offices generally, will be a subject of legal regulation, conformably to the reason of the case and the example of the State constitutions.
Twenty-two horsemen descended cautiously into the plain, conformably to these directions.
He distributes to every man according to His own good pleasure, conformably to general laws.
Again as in the case of corporeal structure, and conformably with my theory, the instinct of each species is good for itself, but has never, as far as we can judge, been produced for the exclusive good of others.
We speak conformably to the rumor which we have heard.
The Khovanshchinian RS conformably overlies the Ozerkian RS, but there is a hiatus between the former and the locally overlying it basal Tournaisian Kupavna Formation of the Malevkian RS (Rodionova et al.
It shall also prepare, upon request of the President or other officers of the national government, rules and guidelines for government entities governing the preparation of contracts, making of investments, undertaking of transactions and drafting of forms or other documents needed for official use, for the purpose of facilitating their enforcement and ensuring that they are entered into or prepared conformably to law and for the best interests of the public.
If the determination of the will takes place conformably with the moral law but only by means of a feeling, of whatever kind, that has to be presupposed in order for the law to become a sufficient determining ground of the will, so that the action is not done for the sake of the law, then the action will contain legality indeed but not morality.
The Castile Formation is conformably underlain by siliciclastics strata of the Delaware Mountain Group, which includes the Cherry and Bell Canyon Formations.
1 Cranch) 137, 178 (1803) ("[I]f both the law and the constitution apply to a particular case, so that the court must either decide that case conformably to the law, disregarding the constitution; or conformably to the constitution, disregarding the law; the court must determine which of these conflicting rules governs the case.