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1. Mathematics Designating or specifying a mapping of a surface or region upon another surface so that all angles between intersecting curves remain unchanged.
2. Of or relating to a map projection in which small areas are rendered with true shape.

[Late Latin cōnfōrmālis, similar : Latin com-, com- + Latin fōrma, shape.]


1. (Mathematics) maths
a. (of a transformation) preserving the angles of the depicted surface
b. (of a parameter) relating to such a transformation
2. (Physical Geography) Also called: orthomorphic (of a map projection) maintaining true shape over a small area and scale in every direction
[C17: from Late Latin conformālis having the same shape, from Latin com- same + forma shape]


(kənˈfɔr məl)

of or designating a map or transformation in which angles and scale are preserved.
[1640–50; < Late Latin confōrmālis of the same shape. See con-, formal]
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According to a new technical market research report--Conformal Coatings in the Global Electronics Industry--from BCC Research, the global market for conformal coating technology in electronics is expected to be worth $6.
Moisture-cure and 100%-solids chemistries have been used for years in a range of applications; however, previous attempts to develop moisture-cure conformal coatings have been unsuccessful.
Many of today's circuit boards benefit from the use of protective, yet environmentally "green" conformal coatings that allow them to operate reliably, even in harsh environments.
These proceedings of the January 2006 conference include 31 papers covering a wide range of topics in the geometric theory of functions of one and several complex variables, including univalent functions, conformal and quasi-conformal mappings, minimal surfaces and dynamics in infinite-dimensional spaces along with other related subjects.
Conformal coatings provide a protective barrier that enables the PCBs to function in these demanding environments.
Silicoat is a one-part, flexible conformal coating designed to protect printed circuit boards and other electrical assemblies.
MC10's unique conformal electronics platform is ideally suited for this type of application as it is ultra-thin and lightweight, and can be directly integrated into fabrics and other materials in a way that is virtually imperceptible to the wearer.
Airoha also deployed the Cadence Encounter Conformal Equivalence Checker and the Cadence Encounter Digital Implementation System on this chip.
Nordson ASYMTEK, a Nordson company, a leader in dispensing, jetting, and conformal coating equipment and technologies, will be exhibiting new jetting, dispensing, and conformal coating systems at NEPCON China in booth #C-1G10, April 23-25, 2014 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, Shanghai, China.
com)-- Nordson ASYMTEK, a leader in dispensing, coating, and jetting technologies, will host a free technical seminar on conformal coating, dispensing, and jetting applications and innovations and the fluids, equipment, and manufacturing techniques to implement them.
the SLM inserts are built up in thin layers of metal powder, so they can incorporate conformal cooling channels to achieve more uniform temperature distribution.
The original CC-Tango test vehicle (1) was extremely useful in generating a database of qualification and reliability results for conformal coating application designs, and in understanding the interactions between their various process variables.