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 (kən-foun′dĭd, kŏn-)
1. Confused; befuddled: A crowd of confounded bystanders stared at the appalling wreckage.
2. Used as an intensive: a confounded fool.

con·found′ed·ly adv.
con·found′ed·ness n.
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Rather, it gratifies a curiosity fed by confoundedness and discoveries, both practical and intuitive, as it creates a cycle of nuanced engagement and stimulation.
This inward focus emerges biographically in the isolation of Stevens's life, as well as poetically in a hermetic diction and an utter confoundedness regarding the inner states of other beings, especially in his later work (two titles from the 1947 book Transport to Summer are exemplary: "Continual Conversation with a Silent Man"; "Wild Ducks, People and Distances").
I doubt very much if even a native-born Afghan could make sense of such confoundedness as presented by the following instructions (and I'm certainly not making them up):