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n. pl. con·fra·ter·ni·ties
An association of persons united in a common purpose or profession.

[Middle English confraternite, from Old French, from Medieval Latin cōnfrāternitās, from cōnfrāter, colleague; see confrere.]


n, pl -ties
a group of men united for some particular purpose, esp Christian laymen organized for religious or charitable service; brotherhood
[C15: from Medieval Latin confrāternitās; see confrère, fraternity]
ˌconfraˈternal adj


(ˌkɒn frəˈtɜr nɪ ti)

n., pl. -ties.
1. a lay brotherhood devoted to some religious or charitable service.
2. a society, esp. of men, united for some purpose or in some profession.
[1425–75; late Middle English < Medieval Latin confrāternitās, derivative of confrāter (see confrere), on the model of Latin frāternitās fraternity]
con`fra•ter′nal, adj.


a brotherhood, especially a group of men bound by a common goal or interest.
See also: Society


 an association of men united together for some profession or object. See also brotherhood, clan, fraternity.
Examples: confraternity of aldermen, 1654; of chimney sweeps, 1688; of men-milliners [‘dandies’], 1885; of monks and friars, 1688; of potters, 1601; of traitors, 1872.
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The "voyageurs" form a kind of confraternity in the Canadas, like the arrieros, or carriers of Spain, and, like them, are employed in long internal expeditions of travel and traffic: with this difference, that the arrieros travel by land, the voyageurs by water; the former with mules and horses, the latter with batteaux and canoes.
The Prior sat down, and at great leisure indited an epistle to Brian de Bois-Guilbert, and having carefully sealed up the tablets, delivered them to the Jew, saying, ``This will be thy safe-conduct to the Preceptory of Templestowe, and, as I think, is most likely to accomplish the delivery of thy daughter, if it be well backed with proffers of advantage and commodity at thine own hand; for, trust me well, the good Knight Bois-Guilbert is of their confraternity that do nought for nought.
Whereupon, as if released on either side from some kind of vague fear, our confidences came thick and fast, when we found that we were in the same confraternity of love.
He said Idowu a member of Ave confraternity was arrested and confirmed to be among the robbers who took part in the robbery
To promote devotion to Jesus Nazareno, the Roman Catholic Church granted approval to the Confraternity of the Most Holy Jesus Nazareno on April 21, 1621.
After reviewing the state of research, they offer such perspectives as liturgical music and liturgical experience in early modern Italy, musical dispatches from the heavenly Jerusalem, catechismum modulans docebat: teaching the doctrine through singing in early modern Catholicism, music for the soul: death and piety in 16th-century Barcelona, and confraternity multipart singing: contemporary practice and hypothetical scenarios for the early modern era.
Founding a native religious confraternity in the 1830s, he was persecuted by the Spanish friars, tried and executed in 1841-two decades before Jose Rizal was born; three decades before the Gomburza were executed; and over half a century before Gregorio Aglipay established the native church.
Melvin Castro, director general of the Confraternity of Mary Mediatrix of All Grace, noted that stories of weeping images of Jesus' mother had surfaced in the media.
George Parish where she was a Master Catechist teaching Confraternity of Christian Doctrine and the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).
A In his young years he joined a monastic confraternity, but left it to join the Bulgarian freedom movement.
HM the King extends to the late scholar's family, to the League Ulema and to all the followers and disciples of the Tijania confraternity sincere condolences and sympathy, praying the Almighty to welcome him in his vast paradise.
Von Germeten explains that participation within confraternities may not have been an individual's only source of personal or communal identity, but that race did influence an individual's experience within a confraternity (2006).