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US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Wednesday Russia's military support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could raise the risk of confrontation with coalition forces fighting Islamic State there.
NNA - AL SHARQ AL AWSAT: Garbage crisis ignites Beirut as calls echo for Salam's resignation Injuries reported in confrontation between protestors and security forces AL HAYAT: Salam calls for Cabinet to convene on Thursday Protests against garbage crisis morphs into confrontations in Beirut AL MOUSTAQBAL: Salam to hold press conference today Machnouk promises to punish shooters, confirms responsibility of "other military forces" Riyad Solh demonstration leaves injured among citizens and security forces ANNAHAR: Five hours ignited Down Town Beirut with fierce confrontation What is the secret behind the use of excessive violence against protestors?
Conflict and confrontation are unavoidable in education, whether they exist between students, students and staff, staff, or administration and staff.
Summary: Army soldiers and armed Hezbollah members engaged in a brief confrontation Friday, the Central News Agency reported.
Undersecretary of State that the United States stands with Iraq in this confrontation and is ready to support whatever it needs to defeat terrorism and extremism, noting that the current confrontation in the region is a confrontation between extremism and moderation, not among the sects.
ISLAMABAD -- The PML-Q president Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain has advised the AML chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmed to ask the PTI chairman Imran Khan to avoid confrontation with the judiciary as this would damage the plans of a grand opposition alliance.
Forty percent of those who have been part of a workplace team have withessed a verbal confrontation among team members, and 15% relate that a confrontation actually turned physical.
They also said that the security forces used crowd-control measures to disperse the confrontation.
The Sixth Amendment Right of Confrontation Before Crawford
Confrontation of denial has historically been a standard part of many treatment approaches for alcohol and drug problems (Polcin 2003).
Commenting on the statement of Prime Minister, Shah clarified that the premiers statement was not tantamount to create confrontation among the institutions.