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v. con·fused, con·fus·ing, con·fus·es
a. To cause to be unable to think with clarity or act with intelligence or understanding; bewilder or perplex.
b. Archaic To cause to feel embarrassment.
a. To fail to differentiate (one person or thing) from another: confused effusiveness with affection.
b. To make more complex or difficult to understand: "The old labels ... confuse debate instead of clarifying it" (Christopher Lasch).
To make something unclear or incomprehensible: a new tax code that only confuses.

[Middle English confusen, from Old French confus, perplexed, from Latin cōnfūsus, past participle of cōnfundere, to mix together; see confound.]

con·fus′a·ble adj.
con·fus′ing·ly adv.
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Adj.1.confusable - so similar as to be easily identified for another thing; "potentially confusable senses of words"; "easily mistakable signals"
similar - marked by correspondence or resemblance; "similar food at similar prices"; "problems similar to mine"; "they wore similar coats"
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The diagnosis of BPS is made on the basis of exclusion of these confusable diseases, in combination with the confirmation of signs and symptoms of BPS.
Daniel Stewart, Head of Marketing at Oxford Dictionaries, said: “These twenty most-viewed English words show that Oxford Dictionaries Online users look up a variety of words, from difficult to spell or less common words, to everyday vocabulary and easily confusable terms.
As an example, critics point to the doctor of nursing (ND) designation, which was easily confusable with a doctor of naturopathy degree.
The seven percent of footage it missed included confusable sounds, such as background music, or loud audience cheers.
A dictionary of confusable phrases; more than 10,000 idioms and collocations.