congenital cataract

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con·gen·i·tal cat·a·ract

n. catarata congénita, no común, usualmente bilateral, producida a causa de una infección intrauterina, a toxicidad, a una lesión, o a trastornos metabólicos o cromosomáticos.
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Born with a congenital cataract, a disease that impacts her vision, Ella-Jane understood that glasses were necessary to help her see correctly, but soon grew bored with having to wear the same frames each day.
Blind Indian girls Sonia, 12, and fiveyear-old Anita Singh were born into poverty with congenital cataract blindness but faced a life in darkness as their parents couldn't afford the 15-minute operation they needed.
Dr Taryam said: "The main case of visual impairment in Yemen is cataract which is normally a disease of the aged, but in Yemen many children are born with congenital cataract that needs to be surgically treated to avoid permanent visual loss.
In addition to suggesting a novel therapeutic strategy for humans with blindness in one eye caused by a congenital cataract, droopy eyelid, or misaligned eye, the new research the latest in a series of UCSF studies exploring effects of locomotion on brain function suggests that the adult brain may be far more capable of rewiring and repairing itself than previously thought.
But in Yemen, many children are born with congenital cataract that needs to be surgically treated to avoid permanent visual loss," said Dr Manal.
Population-based case-control study of isolated congenital cataract.
Table 2 Braille students distributed according to nosological groups, principal ophthalmic diagnoses, and year of birth (6-year periods) Diagnoses N 60-65 66-71 72-77 78-83 Sequelae to brain disorders Anomaly of the brain 2 1 (unspecified) Brain tumor 8 1 2 Sequelae to brain disorders (unspecified) 13 2 1 4 1 Congenital ocular anomalies Albinism (unspecified) 1 1 Coloboma of uvea 3 Congenital anomaly 2 1 Congenital anophthalmos 9 3 1 1 Congenital cataract (a) 16 5 5 3 Congenital glaucoma 12 3 3 1 1 Congenital maculapathy 1 Congenital nystagmus 1 1 Cong.
Congenital cataract affects about 3/10,000 newborns in India (5) and is the most serious type of childhood cataract because of its potential for inhibiting or restricting early visual development and in India, 7.
The 3 months of age infant with bilateral congenital cataract was referred to our department because of bradycardia.
The association of rubella virus in congenital cataract - a hospital-based study in India.
Management, medical therapy, surgical treatment, refractory pediatric glaucoma, keratoplasty, congenital cataract surgery, and the management of residual vision are discussed.
There was one report of an optic nerve anomaly and one report of a congenital lacrimal passage anomaly in babies exposed to fluoxetine (Prozac) in utero, as well as one report each of retinopathy and congenital cataract in babies exposed to paroxetine (Paxil) in utero.
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