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A man who is a member of the US Congress, especially of the House of Representatives.


n, pl -men
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in the US) a male member of Congress, esp of the House of Representatives


(ˈkɒŋ grɪs mən)

n., pl. -men.
(often cap.) a member of a congress, esp. of the U.S. House of Representatives.
[1770–80, Amer.]
usage: See -man.
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Noun1.congressman - a member of the United States House of Representativescongressman - a member of the United States House of Representatives
rep - informal abbreviation of `representative'
legislator - someone who makes or enacts laws
عُضْو مَجْلِس النُّوّاب
člen Kongresu
mandligt kongresmedlem
kongresszusi tag
člen Kongresu


[ˈkɒŋgresmən] N (congressmen (pl)) (US) → diputado m, miembro m del Congreso


congressman [ˈkɒŋgrɪsmən] n (US) (POLITICS)membre m du Congrès


n pl <-men> → Kongressabgeordnete(r) m


[ˈkɒŋgrɛsmən] n (-men (pl)) (Am) → membro del Congresso


(ˈkoŋgres) , ((American) -gris) noun
1. a formal meeting, especially an assembly of delegates etc.
2. a law-making body or parliament, especially that of the United States. He has been elected to Congress.
conˈgressional (-ʃənl) adjective
ˈcongressman noun
ˈcongresswoman noun
References in classic literature ?
A jay hasn't got any more principle than a Congressman.
I used to envy the white boy who had no obstacles placed in the way of his becoming a Congressman, Governor, Bishop, or President by reason of the accident of his birth or race.
Congressman Wiley, in the brief discussion that was permitted, said that the bill 'provided for a reserve force to take the mob by the throat'--you're the mob, gentlemen--'and protect at all hazards life, liberty, and property.
The Congressman was recognized for his leadership in pushing medical research and innovation as a top federal priority
The complaints were aired after Congressman Aurelio Gonzales sponsored House Resolution 2140 which asked the entertainment industry "to minimise, prevent, or stop typecasting congressmen and congresswomen as villains or crooks in movies and TV telenovelas".
He said that Arizona Congressman Trent Franks, Tennessee Congressman Zach Wamp, Louisiana Congressman Charlie Melancon and Connecticut Congressman Chris Murphy were the members who had recently joined the Caucus.
S Congressmen led by Congressman John Tierney including Congressman George Miller, Congressman Peter Welch and Congressman Ron Kind called on the Foreign Minister today at the Foreign Office.
The disclosure of Congressman Mark Foley's sexually explicit instant messages to underage male congressional pages has also harmed Republicans' election prospects.
McKeon's main opponent, Democrat Robert Rodriguez, has accused the Republican congressman from Santa Clarita of running from a fight.
We are honored to have Congressman Rangel speak at our upcoming luncheon," said ABO President Jerome Belson.
On hand at the presentation are, from left, Jim Huff, Commander, DAV Chapter 4, Owensboro; Congressman Ron Lewis (R-Ky.
The last Democratic congressman elected there was Abner Mikva in 1978.

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