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1. Corresponding in character or kind; appropriate or harmonious.
2. Mathematics Congruent.

[From Latin congruus, from congruere, to agree.]

con′gru·ous·ly adv.
con′gru·ous·ness n.
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Quite congruously with the placid, erudite, quality of his culture, although, like other poets, he sings much of youth, he is often most successful in the forecast, the expression, of the humours, the considerations, that in truth are more proper to old age:--
Congruously, an awareness campaign highlighting the ill effects of low-value nutritional products would also begin making an impact on the national health expenditure.
On average (and in three of the four issues examined here) Japanese newspapers covered a given issue significantly more congruously than Korean ones did.
The one woman who was identified by title was depicted congruously with her gender role by identifying her as developing relations, but she was also depicted incongruously with her gender role because of being identified as a strategist.
I argue, moreover, that when read congruously as a transnational literary project, the politics of Dictee's entanglements "captures," to use Rey Chow's (2012) term, distance in mimetic and representational mediums.
Consequently, it is logical to expect other parts of the financial services industry to move congruously.