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 (kō′nē-ēn′) also co·nine (-nēn′)
A poisonous colorless liquid alkaloid, C8H17N, found in the poison hemlock.

[Late Latin cōnium, conium; see conium + -ine.]
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They are truly our biggest assets and we want to make sure they look forward to coming to work each day," said Scott Conine, Rise's senior vice president of operations.
We have put a lot of effort into logistics, refining our transportation and our delivery network," said Steve Conine, co-founder, co-chairman and chief technology officer.
The well-balanced cast all looked and sounded their parts--the ardent American tenor Dimitri Pittas as Rodolfo (alternating with Michael Fabi-ano and Eric Margiore), the debuting Italian soprano Grazia Doronzio as Mimi (alternating with Joyce El-Khoury, who also alternated with Simone Osborne as Musetta), Canadian baritone Joshua Hopkins as Marcello (alternating with Phillip Addis, who alternated in turn with Cameron McPhail as Schau-nard), American bass-baritone Christian Van Horne as Conine (alternating with Tom Corbeil) and American bass-baritone Thomas Hammons, doing double duty as Benoit and Alcindoro.
22 interview that he and his co-founder, Steve Conine, decided to start Wayfair in Boston because they vastly preferred living there over New York City.
The BMC solution has really increased the pace at which we identify problems, said Steve Conine, CTO and co-founder, Wayfair, the largest online retailer of home furnishings.
Executives should state their intentions of mutual self-discipline clearly in their recruitment policies and provide ways to gather feedback from employees, Conine writes.
Please direct any requests for immediate or additional information on prices, availability, or discounts to Nancy Conine (nconine@transactionpub.
1995 Jeff Conine (Florida Marlins, National League)
Buck, an All-star catcher, and Morrison, a left-fielder, were accompanied by several Marlins officials on their visit, including team president David Samson, special assistants Andrew Dawson and Jeff Conine who are both former Major Leaguers, senior vice-president of marketing Sean Flynn, marketing supervisor Boris Menier, Fox Sports Florida game producer John Sulser, and three members of the Marlins Mermaids dance team.
Founded by Shah and Conine just six years ago, CSN now employs 450 staffers working in the Prudential Center, one of Boston's most-coveted office buildings.
After Carlos Beltran drove in Wright for a 2-0 lead and stole second, Little ordered Stults to walk Jeff Conine to bring up the slumping Carlos Delgado, who at that point was hitless in his past 19 at-bats.
Hosted by NAHB and Mexico's home builders association, Canadevi, the conference opened to a capacity crowd with Mexico's housing commissioner, Carlos Gutierrez, Canadevi's president, Hector Aguirre, and NAHB's former president, Kent Conine, delivering welcome remarks and setting the stage for the ensuing three-day program.