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1. conjugation.
2. conjunction.
3. conjunctive.
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I beg:1SG mother:DAT CONJ she buy:3SG third watch:ACC
Dative, +Locative-Adnominal NP-NOM [NP-GEN NP-NOM NP-DAT NP-ACC V1 COMP] V2 CONJ .
Abbreviations ABS absolutive ADVLZR adverbializer APP applicative ART article BLC Basic Locative Construction BLF Basic Locative Function CONJ conjunction COP copula DET determiner DETR detransitive DIM diminutive EMPH emphatic EQU equative F feminine FOC focus HAB habitual INESS inessive LOC locative MED medial N neuter NEG negative NF nonfuture NMZR nominalizer ORIENT orientativePERF PERF perfect PL plural PN pronoun PP postposition PRES present PROG progressive PRSUP presuppositional marker PSPV Picture Series for Positional Verbs (Ameka et al.
sas worried-1SG CONJ heard-1SG that were-2SG inert 'I was worried .
42) (Yeenangi nii di yaq li ma jota (2PLPRESENT thus PRED destroy what AOR1SG get + CONJ liggeey) (te defuleen ko muy dara).
xot-el a:t what kind girl house-3SG CONJ wan-s-em/*wa:nt-s-e:m lo:ln see-PAST-1SG.
1997: 246) CONJ `When they were eating, the father asked the oldest child .
12) Vacuous reduplication in Tohono O'odham meter wawai giwalige weco nathagio kc in memelihime rock cinched below mouse CONJ LOC run to repeatedly `The mouse runs around there below Cinched Rock'