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n. pl. con·junc·ti·vas or con·junc·ti·vae (-vē)
The mucous membrane that lines the inner surface of the eyelid and the exposed surface of the eyeball.

[Middle English, from Medieval Latin (membrāna) coniūnctīva, connective (membrane), feminine of Late Latin coniūnctīvus, connective, from Latin coniūnctus, past participle of coniungere, to join together; see conjoin.]

con′junc·ti′val (-vəl) adj.
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Adj.1.conjunctival - of or relating to the conjunctiva


a. conjuntivo-a, rel. a la conjuntiva;
___ diseasesenfermedades de la conjuntiva.


adj conjuntival
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If intravenous sedation is used, flushing and exploration of the conjunctival sacs is much easier, but it comes with additional cost and some small anesthetic risk.
The current study set out to see if omega-3 supplementation improved dry eye symptoms, contact lens comfort, goblet cell density, conjunctival epithelial cell changes, and clinical measures of tears.
To date, there are sporadic publications reporting results of aqueous tear production as measured by the Schirmer tear test and the phenol red thread test, (2-11) indirect tonometry, (2,4,5,8,10-18) conjunctival microbial flora, (5,10,19) and ultrasonographic findings (5,14-20-22) in a small number of avian species ranging from large psittacine birds to raptors.
Specifically, treatment with cidofovir, Tobradex([R]) or control resulted in injected and inflamed corneas, eyelid and conjunctival inflammation and injection with sub-conjunctival heme.
Mucoid discharge was present OS, along with mild chemosis and conjunctival hyperemia.
Demographics, etiology, and behavior of conjunctival squamous cell carcinoma in the 21st century.
To understand the significance of conjunctival changes in relation to contact lens wear (Group 5.
The scientists investigated nasal and conjunctival swabs, taken from 76 camels in Oman.
Using the slit lamp, your ophthalmologist checks your eyes for dilated blood vessels, conjunctival swelling, and eyelid swelling, all of which are indicative of an allergic reaction.
They detail principles and techniques related to most types of surgery (microscope basics, design principles and techniques for using microsurgical instruments, needles, sutures, incision closure, viscosurgical devices, phacoemulsification machines and tubing, and lasers), then specific applications related to corneal, cataract, conjunctival, retinal, glaucoma, oculoplastic, and strabismus surgery.
8226; The most common adverse event reported in 2% of patients treated with BESIVANCE[R] was conjunctival redness.