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also con·jur·or  (kŏn′jər-ər, kŭn′-)
1. One that performs magic tricks; a magician.
2. A sorcerer or sorceress.


or con•ju•ror

(ˈkɒn dʒər ər, ˈkʌn- for 1, 2; kənˈdʒʊər ər for 3 )

1. a person who conjures spirits or practices magic; magician.
2. a person who practices legerdemain; juggler.
3. a person who solemnly charges or entreats.
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Noun1.conjurer - someone who performs magic tricks to amuse an audienceconjurer - someone who performs magic tricks to amuse an audience
escape expert, escapologist - an entertainer who is expert in the art of escaping
mind reader, telepathist, thought-reader - a magician who seems to discern the thoughts of another person (usually by clever signals from an accomplice)
performer, performing artist - an entertainer who performs a dramatic or musical work for an audience
2.conjurer - a witch doctor who practices conjuryconjurer - a witch doctor who practices conjury
witch doctor - someone who is believed to heal through magical powers
مُسْتَحْضِر أرواح، مُشَعْوِذ، ساحِرمُشَعْوِذ
ảo thuật gia


conjuror [ˈkʌndʒərəʳ] Nilusionista mf, prestidigitador(a) m/f


conjuror [ˈkʌndʒərər] nprestidigitateur/trice m/f, illusionniste mfconjuring trick [ˈkʌndʒərɪŋtrɪk] ntour m de prestidigitation, tour m de passe-passe


nZauberer, Zauberkünstler(in) m(f)


conjuror [ˈkʌndʒrəʳ] nprestigiatore/trice, illusionista m/f


(ˈkandʒə) , ((American) ˈkon-) verb
to perform tricks (conjuring tricks) that seem magical, as an entertainment.
ˈconjuror, ˈconjurer noun


مُشَعْوِذ kouzelník tryllekunstner Zauberer ταχυδακτυλουργός prestidigitador taikuri prestidigitateur čarobnjak prestigiatore 手品師 마술사 goochelaar tryllekunstner magik ilusionista фокусник trollkarl ผู้โน้มน้าวคนอื่น illüzyonist ảo thuật gia 魔术师
References in classic literature ?
A conjurer must have his time, like a straggling priest in the settlements.
Forman, the famous old conjurer, who was implicated in the affair of Overbury.
Her motions were almost as quick as those of a practised conjurer, and her command of her face quite as great; and though Miss Ophelia could not help feeling that so many accidents could not possibly happen in succession, yet she could not, without a watchfulness which would leave her no time for anything else, detect her.
Ferrars, and neither she nor your brother or sister suspected a word of the matter;-- till this very morning, poor Nancy, who, you know, is a well-meaning creature, but no conjurer, popt it all out.
It is as useful to a friar as a broomstick to a witch, or a wand to a conjurer.
Some sleight-of-hand trick or other,' said the Medical Man, and Filby tried to tell us about a conjurer he had seen at Burslem; but before he had finished his preface the Time Traveller came back, and Filby's anecdote collapsed.
Arapooish pretended to be a great "medicine man", a character among the Indians which is a compound of priest, doctor, prophet, and conjurer.
In good truth, Porthos I cannot tell why you have not turned conjurer.
The man is by trade a conjurer and performer, going round the canteens after nightfall, and giving a little entertainment at each.
He merely kept his trade secret, because he had to keep his tricks secret, like any other conjurer.
He must have been busy at it when I found him pretending to pack, if not far into that night, for it was a very perfect piece of work; and even as I stared without a word, and he crouched laughing in my face, an arm came squeezing out, keys in hand; one was turned in either of the two great padlocks, the whole lid lifted, and out stepped Raffles like the conjurer he was.
Holmes stood before us with the air of a conjurer who is performing a trick.