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And so we say that the Judgment is distant or near, that the Millennium approaches, that a day of certain political, moral, social reforms is at hand, and the like, when we mean that in the nature of things one of the facts we contemplate is external and fugitive, and the other is permanent and connate with the soul.
Produced water, for purposes of this report, is the water produced from oil and gas production, including water that is present naturally in the reservoir (also called formation water or connate water), water previously injected into the reservoir (floodwater), and condensed water from gas production.
Many geologic formations contain pores that are filled not with oil or gas, but instead with connate (saline/ alkaline) water.
KARACHI -- Connate announces to start its operations in Pakistan.
The studied cements consist exclusively of low-Mg calcite, preferentially precipitating in the meteoric or connate surface freshwater environments, which generally contain little [Mg.
The operationalization of consumer trust is in line with the way how its connate nature was represented.
In the Poetics Aristotle mentions imitation as connate to man, being the process by which men learn.
The greater part of the sediment is therefore flushed and groundwater is rarely stagnant except in those places where saline, presumably connate water entrapped in aquicludes, persist in depth.
Flowers 85-110 mm long, fragrance not detected, pedicels 23-35 x 4-10 mm, greenish toward the apex, sparsely to subdensely and coarsely white-lepidote, strongly complanate mainly the outer ones and dilated toward the base; sepals asymmetric, narrowly subelliptic-lanceolate, 38-44 x 13-15 mm, erect and imbricate to each other at anthesis, apex acuminate, connate at the base for 3-4 mm, ecarinate, green, glabrous, thin in texture except for the membranous margins; petals sublinear-lanceolate, acuminate, 56-62 x 5-6.
wc]) is the relative permeability to oil at the connate water saturation, fraction; [[mu].
After characterizing the model, the oil flooding is done using a very precise syringe pump and the connate water is measured (Figure 1).