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Language in general includes the following parts:- Letter, Syllable, Connecting word, Noun, Verb, Inflexion or Case, Sentence or Phrase.
A Connecting word is a non-significant sound, which neither causes nor hinders the union of many sounds into one significant sound; it may be placed at either end or in the middle of a sentence.
What happened inside there was no way of telling, but it is fair to conclude that the two Folk slipped through the connecting crevice into the other cave.
But the two Folk merely slipped back and forth through the connecting crevice and eluded him.
CO2128 reduces the bill-of-materials to embed secure network connectivity by including a 10/100BaseT Ethernet MAC, which permits manufacturers to save several dollars by connecting to an Ethernet PHY chip instead of a more expensive MAC/PHY.
Connecting TV to Your PC or a Media Server to Watch Video
Connecting for Health, a public-private collaborative of more than 100 organizations, today released its Common Framework: Resources for Implementing Private and Secure Health Information Exchange.
The de facto standard in many industries throughout the world, Connect:Direct is ideal for automating the movement of large volumes of data and for connecting to remote offices and business partners over the Internet.
Connecting for Health, a public-private collaborative of more than 100 diverse organizations, announced today that it is launching the first-ever prototype of an electronic national health information exchange or "health information-sharing environment," based on common, open standards.
At that time, Viper Networks had been re-selling a similar product to Viper Connect, but has since developed its own proprietary application for connecting calls which will now be routed over Viper's global VoIP network.
The technology eliminates the time, cost, complexity, and risks of connecting low-cost, non-PC devices to Internet Protocol (IP)-based networks.

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