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a. The act of connecting.
b. The state of being connected.
2. One that connects; a link: made a connection between the two pipes.
3. An association or relationship: an obvious connection between the two crimes.
4. The logical or intelligible ordering of words or ideas; coherence.
5. Reference or relation to something else; context: In this connection, the agreement can be seen as a step toward peace.
6. A person, especially one of influence or importance, with whom one is associated, as by kinship or common interests: used her connections to land a job.
7. A conveyance or scheduled run providing continuing service between means of transportation: missed my connection in Miami.
8. A physical link, such as by wire or fiber-optic cable, between two or more points in a telecommunications system: established a connection to the internet.
9. A means or channel of communication: couldn't hear due to the bad phone connection.
10. Slang
a. A drug dealer.
b. A purchase of illegal drugs.
in connection with
In relation to; with respect to; concerning: The mayor's office made no comments in connection with the tax proposal.

con·nec′tion·al adj.
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Of, relating to, or tending to produce combination:
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Morphological, physiological, connectional and functional data will be used to develop a biophysically realistic network model of this V1 circuit to examine the contribution of different circuit components to single-neuron and network function.
These practices set Baptist churches apart from connectional churches in which the denominational judicatory has the authority to direct a congregation's life.
Connectional intelligence is the ability to combine the world's diversity of people, networks and disciplines to influence the greatest number of people "toward a loftier purpose--improving people's lives, building sustainable societies and creating the futures we want," declare Erica Dhawan, a teaching fellow and researcher at Harvard Kennedy School's Center for Public Leadership, and Saj-nicole Joni, Ph.
Fergus, MD, McDonald's Nutritional Consultant Shaye Arluk, MS, RD, HFI, and Pastor Natalie Mitchem, Executive Director of Connectional Health Commission of the AME Church Worldwide, will discuss prevention, balanced food options and treatment of heart disease with the audience.
8220;I have often spoken to my church family about how we hold the connectional nature of the Presbyterian church as a value,” said the Rev.

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