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The theory that thought, behavior, and especially learning can be explained and modeled by neural networks.

con·nec′tion·ist n. & adj.


(Psychology) psychol the theory that the connections between brain cells mediate thought and govern behaviour
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Given this dichotomy, the appearance of connectionism resulted in a revitalisation of cognitive psychology and, as an educational approach, also generated considerable interest among researchers (Siemens, 2004; Downes, 2008; Bell, 2011), offering advancements which are potentially applicable in the field of mathematics education.
known as connectionism in the 1980s-1990s that used
Connectionism school neural network belongs to the field of artificial intelligence, is an application similar to the brain synaptic structure information processing model, data mining process as shown in figure 2.
Connectionism and self: James, Mead, and the stream of enculturated consciousness.
Just as connectionism was taking off, Marcus was deciding where to do his graduate studies, and he attended a lecture by the renowned cognitive scientist Steven Pinker, then a professor at MIT Pinker was talking about the way children learn and use verbs, and he was arguing, contrary to a pure connectionist perspective, that they do not seem to acquire the past tense of verbs purely by memorizing examples and generalizing to similar ones.
Throughout this process, many of the most important models and theories of Psychology have been examined, in particular Piaget's Constructivism and the related processes of assimilation and accommodation, Skinner's operant conditioning, the Vygotskian Zone of Proximal Development, Cognitivism's Human-Information Processing (HIP) model, as well as the latest models of artificial intelligence, Connectionism and Neural Networks (Dautenhahn & Billard, 1999a; 1999b; Ziemke, 2001).
Contributions of cognitive models of meaning to translation" (99-122), Celia Martin looks at meaning construction processes and examines the contribution of theories like Connectionism, Prototype Theory and Frame Semantics to the interpretation of meaning.
Connectionism, Computational Cognitive Neuroscience and Bio-connectionism
One could admit that the thesis of Gabon's hereditary genius through a direct transmission mechanism of eminence is wrong, and draw a design instead (Rothenberg 2005), based on three distinct correlational researches, further evidence of the inconsistency of connectionism between heredity and eminence, the more so as the period under review is an extended and complex one and the barriers connected to a national area are removed.
Thagard covers well some historically important approaches to understanding mental computations, specifically rule-based digital computation (AKA GOFAI) and connectionism.
behaviorism, innatism, information processing, connectionism, the interactionist position) and developmental stages and sequences of first and target language acquisition; case studies, comparative analysis of the use of native and target languages in corpus data (e.
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