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n. Informal
A fit of violent emotion, such as anger or panic. Also called conniption fit.

[Mock Latin, perhaps influenced by snip or snap.]


(often plural) slang US and Canadian a fit of rage or tantrums
[C19: arbitrary pseudo-Latin coinage]


(kəˈnɪp ʃən)

Often, conniptions. a fit of hysterical excitement or anger.
[1825–35, Amer.; orig. uncertain]
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Noun1.conniption - a display of bad temperconniption - a display of bad temper; "he had a fit"; "she threw a tantrum"; "he made a scene"
bad temper, ill temper - a persisting angry mood


Informal. An angry outburst:
Informal: conniption fit.
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Louise was having a conniption this week as she had no idea how much the super dooper digital school bag would set her back.
In response to such blatant unfairness, the cucumber-fed monkey threw a conniption fit.
Already, during a previous visit with her mistress, I had thrown a mild conniption fit and used up a lot of cuss words I'd been hoarding when I discovered my leather couch with a corner partially chewed off.
For some reason, too much bass in certain songs gives the speaker a conniption.
Here are the faces of Cramps through seven decades of conniption fits, epileptic diatribes, inconsolable rages, and the occasional plain ole temper tantrum .
From never-ending coverage of Chick-fil-A's antigay ways to the president's endorsement of marriage equality--and the collective conservative conniption that followed--these are the stories that topped our gaydar in 2012.
Scientists always have a conniption when I say this, but I'll say it anyway (I like watching people have conniptions): Science is not objective.
Given the spirit of revolution that filled Tahrir Square during those three weeks when Mubarak clung to power, it was something of a miracle that many of the luxury apartments in Zamalek weren't torched, since so many of the Egyptian elite had fed from the trough of conniption and cronyism that Mubarak's government routinely filled.
for the full-fledged conniption fit about what's not on the fence
At Hollywood Park, former Newmarketbased trainer Simon Callaghan is looking for his first Grade 1 win when he saddles Michael Tabor's Conniption (Brice Blanc) in the American Oaks (12.
I'm tickled that Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele is throwing such a conniption over Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's remarks.
The Italian had to settle for fourth in the feature EBF Igloos Bosra Sham Fillies' Stakes as Conniption was outpointed by Queen's Grace.