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intr.v. con·nived, con·niv·ing, con·nives
1. To cooperate secretly in an illegal or wrongful action; collude: The dealers connived with customs officials to bring in narcotics.
2. To scheme; plot.
3. To feign ignorance of or fail to take measures against a wrong, thus implying tacit encouragement or consent: The guards were suspected of conniving at the prisoner's escape.

[Latin cōnīvēre, connīvēre, to close the eyes.]

con·niv′er n.
con·niv′er·y n.
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Jaber says the practices of the Qatari government amount to ethnic cleansing, which is internationally banned, as the government sees each member of Al Ghufran clan as a betrayer, agent, and conniver.
Like many another financial conniver, I was in a short-term mode.
That attempt at a steady front is battered and bruised by Volante's own character, a seemingly cunning conniver out for blood one minute, then a broken little girl the next.
The meeting of the PAC sub- committee was held under the conniver ship of MNA Mian Abdul Manan, here at Parliament House.
Either because of reader expectation or the writer's desire to stick with the tried and true, Jewish characters, when they appeared in mainstream literature, worked familiar territory: the conniver, the learned, the victim, the exotic "other.
Not Lidy, the greedy conniver who offers sex to Walburg as a means of gaining his property.
The contingency table analysis method is appropriate to test the association between two categorical variables (Agrestic & Kateri, 2011; Conniver, 1980).
Thomas Nast's cartoons, which portrayed William "Boss" Tweed--the party's leader during the Civil War and its aftermath--as an obese, avaricious conniver, are the organization's most enduring images.
Peerless motivator and tactician, unscrupulous conniver and provocateur.
La seule intention lascive de seduire, D'assouvir sans respect de l'hospitalite Lexecrable appetit d'une brutalite, Prit d'ombre tel voyage, or derechef j'atteste Ce grand Monarque assis dans le trone celeste, Souffrir mille trepas plutot que conniver Au moindre acte honteux qui pourrait arriver.
He convincingly depicts Best as a self-promoting conniver who, in his rivalry with his nemesis, General Hanneken, miscalculated the serious consequences of rounding up Denmark's Jews.
Eddie, sweet-talking, ever-quipping, smart-alec conniver, ends up married and in federal prison-- "okay a minimum-security unit, but still in jail" (307).