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 (kō′noid′) also co·noi·dal (kō-noid′l)
Shaped like a cone.

co′noid n.


(Mathematics) a geometric surface formed by rotating a parabola, ellipse, or hyperbola about one axis
conical, cone-shaped
[C17: from Greek kōnoeidēs, from kōnos cone]
coˈnoidally adv


(ˈkoʊ nɔɪd)

1. Also, co•noi′dal. cone-shaped.
2. a geometrical solid formed by the revolution of a conic section about one of its axes.
3. something shaped like a cone.
[1650–60; < Greek kōnoeidḗs. See cone, -oid]
co•noi′dal•ly, adv.
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Noun1.conoid - a shape whose base is a circle and whose sides taper up to a pointconoid - a shape whose base is a circle and whose sides taper up to a point
round shape - a shape that is curved and without sharp angles
funnel, funnel shape - a conical shape with a wider and a narrower opening at the two ends
tip, peak, point - a V shape; "the cannibal's teeth were filed to sharp points"
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The conoid ligament had been avulsed from the coracoid with a bone fragment of approximately 15 mm x 10 mm.
The superior surface is subcutaneous and the inferior surface presents an elevation called the conoid tubercle and a ridge called the trapezoid ridge.
6) The CC ligaments, which consist of the conoid and trapezoid ligaments, serve as the main control vertical stability.
The type of refractive error like a combination of '+' and '-' cylinder, thus Strum's conoid straddling the retina.
Yield: 2 dozen skewers THAI PEANUT SAUCE 1(1/2) teaspoons conoid oil 1 teaspoon Thai red curry paste 1/2 (135-ounce) can unsweetened coconut milk (or light coconut milk) 1/4 cup sugar (or Splenda) 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt, or to taste 1 teaspoon fish sauce (preferably Squid brand) 1 teaspoon Knorr Tamarind Soup Base (or juice of one lime) 1/2 cup peanut butter For garnish: 7 tablespoon chopped roasted peanuts In a small saucepan, heat oil over medium-high heat.
The fan vault as a critically slim conoid skin distributes self loads throughout its rotated curved surface as structure, and is without the concentrated load patterns of ribbed geometry found in Gothic architecture.
Tail 50-61 [micro]m long, conoid, elongate, with pointed terminus.
Currently, only the cases n = 0, 1, 2, and 3, related to cylinder, conoid, paraboloid, and neiloid, respectively, are assigned the classical tree stem geometries (Dieguez-Aranda et al.
Clavicle Lake Mungo 3 after Ray (1959) (left only) Left Right Width at conoid 16.
50) This is the thread connecting, for example, the practice among pre-Islamic Arabs of covering the graves of ancestors and great men with a dome-shaped leather tent (qobba); Greek conceptions of the omphalos, the cosmic center at Delphi embodied in the form a conoid stone, as the tomb of a legendary king and of Dionysos, and as a home for departed spirits; Roman ideas concerning the mundus, a primitive underground tumulus important to their notions about the afterlife; and Hellenistic and Roman literary descriptions and artistic representations of an arcadian past and future wherein gods and men mingle and a rudimentary construction, of central plan and always pictured with a curved roof, plays a key role.