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The process of achieving greater awareness, as of one's own needs or of a political or social issue.

con′scious·ness-rais′er n.


the process of learning to recognize one's own needs, goals, and problems or those of a group to which one or someone else belongs.
[1970–75, Amer.]
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Consciousness-raising without moralizing, Have Fun in Burma prods readers toward self-examination while remaining the kind of story that you'd devour in a long bath.
While we analysed the consanguineous marriage frequencies and years of marriage between 1988-2012 years we observed significant decrease which proves the importance and benefit of consciousness-raising of population.
Themes arising from the research included the value of consciousness-raising and the need to strengthen reflective practice.
While watching Stroud do his risky pioneering and 'discovering' with full empathy, we marveled at his skills-and passion for what he's opted to focus on in his eye-opening and consciousness-raising shows.
Arguing that celebrity advocacy improves their reputation and that they exaggerate the amount of consciousness-raising needed for effective foreign interventionism, the author investigates the impact of the advocacy of those like Bono, George Clooney, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Greg Mortenson, and Kim Kardashian, and how they often ignore the fact that diplomats, government officials, and non-governmental organizations need to handle foreign problems and solutions.
This paper attempts to analyze the fiction of South Asian women writers in English in order to investigate how their fiction contributes in consciousness-raising of women in predominantly patriarchal South Asian cultures.
Sharing experiences in 140-word postings served as a kind of virtual international consciousness-raising group.
A week-long exercise in creativity and consciousness-raising --not to mention letting go of boundaries--the Burning Man festival takes place in the middle of Nevada's Black Rock Desert.
This is art, says Withers, 'as an occasion for consciousness-raising and self-education', a performative reiteration against the dangers of historical repetition and forgetfulness.
Y-Fem conducts consciousness-raising meetings, critically analysing how young women spend their money, and at the same time also looking at the different Labour Acts and trade unions.
This article asks whether the flame war and other communications over a reference to child abuse in a fan fiction competition could be regarded as feminist-influenced deliberation and consciousness-raising over the issue.