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1. A sequence or succession.
2. Logic The relation of consequent to antecedent; deduction.

[Middle English consecucioun, attainment, from Latin cōnsecūtiō, cōnsecūtiōn-, orderly sequence, from cōnsecūtus, past participle of cōnsequī, to follow closely; see consequent.]


1. (Logic) a sequence or succession of events or things
2. (Logic) a logical sequence of deductions; inference
[C16: from Latin consecūtiō, from consequī to follow up, pursue]


(ˌkɒn sɪˈkyu ʃən)

1. succession; sequence.
2. logical sequence; chain of reasoning.
[1525–35; < Latin consecūtiō, derivative of consecū-, variant s. of consequī to follow, succeed]
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1. A way in which things follow each other in space or time:
2. A number of things placed or occurring one after the other:
Informal: streak.
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Such examples constitute research projects by Kerawalla, Luckin, Seljeflot and Woolard (2006), who searched the potential of AR in teaching the Earth-Sun interaction and day-night consecution, the EcoMobile programme (Kamarainen et al.
All the incidents have been on lines under consecution and not yet opened to the public.
n is a consecution of totally ordered web services such that n [pi] [subset or equal to] [24].
The fourth point is the reconstructing way to update the states and the corresponding covariance matrices, so that the optima and consecution of the iterative estimation can be guaranteed.
Read a book, and you immediately enter a world of constraints--the linearity of print, the consecution of pages, the terminus of the cover.
Estas son: primero, la consecution de objetivos (eficacia y eficiencia para cumplir con su mision y producir impacto en la toma de decisiones); segundo, la produccion (obtencion de resultados en volumenes de production); tercero, la adaptation al medio ambiente (al ser amigable para el ambiente puede atraer y mantener recursos), y; cuarto, la cultura y mantenimiento de los valores (en cuanto a la independencia en la action, la transparencia del proceso y la rendition de cuentas).
In this project participates the Innovation and Sustainability department, specifically the Environmental and Energy areas, both with contrasted capacity and experience to ensure the consecution of the objectives of the project.
Existence of purpose and defining the consecution of goals of system or educational system are as a compassin a Ship.
Through this method, consecution of negative reinforcement is avoided, and the anxiety levels are reduced through the habituation process.
Moreover, the project includes the consultancy services for the preparation of detailed engineering designs and tender documents, updating the technical and economic feasibility study, and consecution supervision.
Here Deleuze also moves beyond Saussure and Jakobson's classical model that pictures (poetic) language as having a horizontal-syntactic-metonymic axis, "connection or the consecution of combinables" (110), and a vertical-substitutive-metaphorical one, "disjunction or the selection of similars" (110).