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1. Following one after another without interruption; successive: was absent on three consecutive days; won five consecutive games on the road.
2. Marked by logical sequence.
3. Grammar Expressing consequence or result: a consecutive clause.

[French consécutif, from Old French, from Medieval Latin cōnsecūtīvus, from cōnsecūtus, past participle of Latin cōnsequī, to follow closely; see consequent.]

con·sec′u·tive·ly adv.
con·sec′u·tive·ness n.
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Adv.1.consecutively - in a consecutive manner; "he was consecutively ill, then well, then ill again"
بِصورَةٍ مُتَتالِيَه
nepřetržitěpo sobě
birbiri ardına


[kənˈsekjʊtɪvlɪ] ADVconsecutivamente


[kənˈsɛkjʊtɪvli] advconsécutivement


advnacheinander, hintereinander; numberedfortlaufend


(kənˈsekjutiv) adjective
following one after the other in regular order. He visited us on two consecutive days, Thursday and Friday.
conˈsecutively adverb
References in classic literature ?
Yet some whim or other led me, on remarking that the red had come up consecutively for seven times, to attach myself to that colour.
But I believe she was too distracted and worried to think consecutively.
This volume is the outgrowth of a series of articles, dealing with incidents in my life, which were published consecutively in the Outlook.
Read anywhere in the 'Life' as much as time allows, either consecutively or at intervals.
The air was difficult to breathe for a length of time consecutively.
I think, my dears,' observed the cherub, 'that if you could make it convenient to sit one on one side of me, and the other on the other, we should get on rather more consecutively, and make things rather plainer.
On Wednesday and Thursday, July 22 and 23 the works will commence on the Nicosia-Larnaca highway from Ayia Varvara junction to the exit for Athienou in both directions consecutively.
He sentenced Thomas and Schofield to eight months each for the attack with Thomas handed another month consecutively and Schofield another three months consecutively for theft.
Print: single sided, rear adhesive that is consecutively numbered.
Dubai International reduced flights by about 26 per cent for a period of 80 days from May 1 as both its runways were consecutively refurbished and upgraded.
In total, Qatar Airways won three awards -- World's Best Business Class, which it has now won three times and two years consecutively, Best Airline in the Middle East for the eighth time and Best Business Class Airline Lounge for the second time consecutively.
three Israeli drones violated Lebanese airspace, executed circular flight over Blbeck, Hermel, Riyak, Al-Shouf, Sidon, Nabatieh and Jezzine, and then left consecutively of which the last left at 6:30 p.

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